'Toy Story 4' Trailer Teases Andy Flashbacks, New Characters, And A Possible Happy Ending For Woody

The Toy Story movies are a very important part of my childhood, having grown up seeing the first movie on VHS, the second movie with my cousins in theaters, and the third one just as I was about to finish middle school. It seemed as if the series had wrapped up just in time for my to put my kid years behind me, but I guess Pixar won't let me have that peace of mind. Instead they had to pull my college self back into the emotional attachment I had to these characters with this nostalgic trailer for Toy Story 4. A lot has changed since the first movie, with some characters gone and even more new ones being introduced here.

Below is the trailer for Toy Story 4:
Fans of the franchise have already been quick to put out that this trailer follows a lot of the same beats as the previous three. Mainly the idea of either Woody or Buzz being separated by the group of toys, while the other leads a search to find them. Then there's the idea of life for the toys after the child has grown up, and the temptation of staying in a place where toys are always appreciated. This was an idea touched upon in Toy Story 3 and was one of the main ploys Lotso used to convince the toys to stay and Sunnyside Daycare, but in this case it seems Woody's former love Bo Peep will be the one doing the convincing. 
This will actually be the first time we really see what life is like for Woody, Buzz, and the gang now that they belong to Bonnie. There's also several new characters hinted at in the trailer, but the most important seems to be Forky who joins Woody on his adventure. We also see a stuntman toy voiced by Keanu Reeves, a pair of creepy ventriloquist dolls, and a pair of stuffed animals at the carnival voiced by Key and Peele. Forky (Voiced by Tony Hale) is the first toy we get in this universe who sort of crosses the line of what it means to be a toy, since he was technically created from scratch by Bonnie. This will apparently play into some identity issues with him, which could work similar to how Buzz couldn't grasp the concept he was just a toy in the first movie.
Its hard to see this movie getting fans any more emotional than the ending of Toy Story 3, which many felt was a fitting conclusion that series should've been left on. However Tim Allen and Tom Hanks have teased how much they cried playing out the scenes from the end of this movie, so fans might want to get their tissues ready. Whether this means Woody may actually stay behind this time and separate from Buzz and the rest of the group remains to be seen, but its something certainly hinted at in the trailer. There will also be some flashbacks to their days with their original owner Andy, some I'm sure that'll get the tears going for the generation who grew up on the original two.
So what did you think of the Toy Story 4 trailer? Do you think Pixar should've left the trilogy as it was? How do you think the movie will end? Let us know below!

Ezra Miller Working On A Script For 'The Flash' Movie That Will Determine Whether He Keeps The Role

Yeah you read that headline right. According to a recent report, Ezra Miller has butt heads with the current directors of The Flash movie John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (directors of Game Night and writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming). The duo apparently wants a lighter tone for the solo movie, more in line with the current projects going on the the DCEU such as Shazam! and Aquaman. But Miller wants a darker take, and is working on a script with comic book writer Grant Morrison to submit to Warner Bros. If this script isn't approved, its believed Miller may step away from the role entirely and be recast by Daley and Goldstein. 

The report came courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, who explain that Miller's holding deal with Warner Bros. is up this May. If the darker script written by Miller and Morrison is not approved by the studio, they will most likely chose not to renew his contract. Given that Miller signed on to play the character way back when Zack Snyder was the head of the cinematic universe, the initial pitch he received for his character was probably much different from the current one. Funnily enough, The Flash was actually one of the main light hearted characters in Justice League, and not someone you'd expect to have a darker solo movie.
Warner Bros. has already shown they aren't afraid to drastically change things from Snyder's original vision for the sake of making better received projects. Following the success of Wonder Woman, the studio made a point to make Aquaman a very separate movie from the shared universe. Meanwhile they've been recasting roles left and right, including their search for a young Batman to replace Ben Affleck, the casting if Idris Elba to replace Will Smith as Deadshot, and even the possible replacement of Henry Cavill as Superman. With the studio's focus on solo projects and lack of regard over the events that took place in their previous movies, now seems as good a time as ever for a fresh take on The Flash.
This recent news has probably the most traction the Flash movie has gotten since it was first announced with Rick Famuyiwa (Dope) as its original director, but left over creative difference. At another point Chris Lord and Phil Miller hadn't written a script for it that would be directed by Seth Grahame-Smith, but they also left the project. With accomplished directors on board and an apparent Fall start of production, the two questions we'll get answered in the next few months is who will play the title role and whose script will be used.
So what kind of tone do you feel best suits a Flash movie? If Miller is recast who would you like to see replace him in the role? Let us know below!

Disney Announce They've Rehired James Gunn To Direct 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3'

Its been a weird couple of months for James Gunn, full of ups and downs. The director was controversially fired by Disney last year after old tweets resurfaced from his time before Marvel. Due to the backlash over the tweets, the company announced Gunn would no longer be involved in the final film of the trilogy. Rumors ran rampant of who would takeover the franchise Gunn created, by meanwhile he took on a job over at rivals DC to direct and write a reboot of Suicide Squad. With both parties seemingly having moved on and gone their separate ways, it seemed as if Gunn's chances of returning were practically impossible while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would sit in limbo for years to come.

But to the surprise of fans, Disney announced today that the director had been reinstated. Rumors suggest that the studio had always planned on bringing back Gunn, and were waiting for the controversy to die down before announcing he'd return. Cast members like Chris Pratt and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige had both remained coy when asked about the third installment of the franchise during the last few months, only confirming that they would still be using the script Gunn had wrote. With projects such as The Eternals and Black Widow being prioritized, it was looking as if Vol. 3 had completely fallen off Marvel's schedule.
While names such as fellow Marvel director Taika Waititi had be thrown around as a replacement, Deadline reports that the studio never actually looked into any replacements for Gunn. The firing of Gunn was controversial from the moment it was announced, with cast members from the Guardians films even penning a letter in defense of their director. Gunn had been credited as the man who brought these characters out of obscurity in the comics, and made them into fan favorite house hold names. Dave Bautista had even come out and said he wouldn't return for the third movie following Disney's decision, and experienced interest in joining Gunn's Suicide Squad over at DC instead.
It was believed DC and Gunn's union had been a slap in the face to Marvel, giving the director a similar project to work his magic on a bought on odd team-up of comic book characters. Gunn will apparently still be working on The Suicide Squad in the same capacity as before as it begins filming this fall, and will then work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 following that. While this does put it behind its original planned release date, I'm sure fans will be patient as long its the same guy behind the camera who brought them the first two movies. 
So how do you feel about James Gunn being rehired by Marvel? Are you excited to see him back for Guardians 3 or would you have liked to have seen a fresh take from a different director? Let us know below!

New Trailer For 'Avengers: Endgame' Shows Us The Team Is Finally Reunited To Do "Whatever It Takes"

Never underestimate the unpredictability of the Russo brothers. On a regular Thursday morning, with no lead up or teases like we usually get for this kind of stuff, the directing duo decided to release the last trailer for next month's Avengers: Endgame. As you'd expect, the trailer only reinvigorates the hype fans have waiting to see the conclusion of the events that took place in Infinity War. While we've already known for some time not to expect much from the footage we'd be getting from this movie's marketing, as supposedly it'll only be from the first fifteen minutes. If this is true, then a lot of this trailer's big moments and reveals happen at the beginning of the movie, so we can only imagine what takes place during the rest of it. 

Below is the official trailer for Avengers: Endgame:
The trailer starts with some nostalgic call backs to the original solo movies for Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, reminding us how far each of these characters have come and everything they've been through. We again see Tony Stark stranded in the Milano with Nebula seemingly accepting his fate, but we of course later see in the trailer that the two do in fact make it back to Earth teamed up with the original Avengers. Although its surprising to see that reveal in a trailer, it must not be one of the bigger moments in the movie if the Russos were willing to give it away here. We still don't know how they make it out exactly, so theres still that mystery to look forward to.
There's no actual footage of Thanos in the entire trailer, and not even a mention of his name which also caught many fans off guard. The impression this trailer gives is that this movie is more about the Avengers actual plan, rather than there last confrontation with Thanos, although I'm sure we'll eventually be getting that. There are some shots of a grizzled looking Captain America as well as Rocket Raccoon on War Machine's shoulder, and Nebula in a battle stance that all look like they could be from that exact moment, and the background even resembles a darker version of Thanos' home planet Titan.
We also get some shots that confirm the time jump we've been hearing about, as is made evident by the change in Natasha's hair color and length. Some have speculated this jump ranges from either months to years, and this is when Scott Lang eventually makes his way out of the Quantum Realm and is caught up to speed on what happened. This is also the time span where Hawkeye apparently goes through his arc into becoming Ronin following the loss of his family (And manages to give himself a bad haircut I guess). We get a tease of a possible reconcile of his relationship with Natasha, as well as a flashback of him training his daughter to possibly follow his footsteps as the next archer.
So what did you think of the last trailer for Avengers: Endgame? Do you have any theories as to what the team's plan will be to stop Thanos? Let us know below!

'Aladdin' Trailer Works To Relieve Fans Of Their Concerns Over Will Smith's Blue CGI Genie

Poor Will Smith man. We can't just let the guy enjoy his still relatively new Instagram in piece. Its been a tough couple of months for the actor, when his appearance as the Genie in the Super Bowl spot for Aladdin basically became an internet meme. Not only that, but he was also replaced by Idris Elba as Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel (Although that was supposedly his own decision). So its about time Will got the love we all know he deserves, and sure enough the new trailer for Aladdin finally does his portrayal of Genie justice. Its just about everything we expected Smith's Genie to be like when his casting was first announced, and finally put his comedic timing and positive energy to good use.

Below is the first official trailer for Aladdin:
Its kind of crazy just how much the Genie has been the focus of this entire movie's marketing, rather than the actual story of Aladdin and Jasmine. I mean sure, we get some of that in here too, but audiences pretty much already know how all this is gonna play out (They made a movie of this in the 90s in case you didn't know). Anyway the real exciting part about this movie is how an actor as big as Will Smith was gonna succeed a legendary performance like that of Robin Williams. Thankfully, the crazy visuals from the cartoon look like they'll be making their way into this movie. While I doubt we'll be getting any impressions from Will like Robin was known for, the movie's going to make good use of his own specific sense of humor and personality judging by the trailer.
The CGI itself is also much improved, not looking nearly as fake and unsettling as it did in the TV spot. This fits more in line with the screenshot we saw of Will Smith's full sized Genie which looked much better than what was shown in the commercial, but the actor will also apparently be spending a decent amount of time in human form as well. The overall CGI for the set pieces in general looks much cleaner than it has in previous footage we've seen, and the overall tone feels much more fun and in line with the animated movie we all know and love.
The gripe fans do still have following this trailer is Jafar, is definitely much less theatrical and over the top villainous than he was in the original. The belief is that Guy Ritchie may have done this on purpose for his version of the character, maybe making him slightly more likable and younger as opposed to the creepy older man he was portrayed as in the animated movie. We also learned today that Alan Tudyk will be voicing his loyal servant bird Iago in the movie, so it'll be interesting to see how the relationship between the two of them compares to the original with this more subdued Jafar.
So what did you think of the new Aladdin trailer? Are your sold on Will Smith's Genie now? Let us know below!

First Trailer For Seth Rogen's 'Good Boys' Gives Us An R-Rated Movie Starring A Trio Of Middle Schoolers

Lets face it. As great as it is to see relatively family friendly shows like Stranger Things portray kids as innocent, in the age of the internet a lot has changed. I vividly remember starting middle school and hearing just as much cursing and sex jokes as you'd see in your average rated R movie. So it was only a matter of time before filmmakers took notice, and who better to bring this to the big screen then Seth Rogen himself. Movies such as IT and Jonah Hill's Mid90s pushed the boundaries of having kids curse on screen, but both of those were set in past decades. Now we get a trio of kids who are exposed to just about everything bad you can imagine, all at the expense of some pretty hilarious moments. 

Below is the first trailer for Good Boys:
The trailer does pull any punches, showing us the movie will have its fair share of drugs, sex toys, and even a hilarious scene where the trio discovers porn for the first time. The movie star Jacob Tremblay who you may remember as the young boy who starred in The Room opposite Brie Larson, and caught the eye of critics when awards season came around. The mini Craig Robinson who see in the trailer is none other than Keith Williams, who starred on the TV series The Last Man of Earth. And lastly the foul-mouthed freckled kid I predicted will be the breakout star of the movie is Brady Noon, known for his work Boardwalk Empire.
So as you can tell this isn't a Disney Channel movie, but rather something more in line with Rogen's work on Superbad. The intro alone makes light of just how young the film's stars are, by explaining they can't even watch their own red band trailer. The chemistry between the kid is what really sells the trailer, and you can already make out their individual personalities. You have the innocent mama's boy freaking out about everything crazy the see, the average kid just reacting to everything, and the dirty mouthed kid acting like he's more mature then he really is. Sure sounds like middle school to me.
While Rogen isn't actually starring in the movie, his involvement in the project alone should be enough to get comedy fans excited. The man's had great success in the last few years with film's like Sausage Party and Neighbors, and seems to be changing it up with each new movie. Rogen and his frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg are only producing the project though, and Gene Stupnitsky who worked on The Office will be in the director's chair. He'll be working off a script written by Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, the duo worked on the films Year One and Bad Teacher. While those last two project may not excite you as much as Rogen's, the film showed well at the South by Southwest festival hence the early marketing push for a move being released in August.
So what did you think of the trailer for Good Boys? Do you think Seth Rogen has another comedy hit on his hands? Let us know below!