'The Batman' Gets Its Villain In The Form Of Paul Dano As Edward Nashton Aka The Riddler

So we went from months of being in the dark about casting for Matt Reeves' The Batman, to a month full of announcements. Just earlier this week we got word that Zoe Kravitz would be joining Robert Pattinson and Jeffrey Wright as our new Catwoman, but now we also know who will playing the film's villain. Early reports had suggested Jonah Hill was in talks to play the antagonist, but he and the studio ultimately couldn't come to an agreement. Just a day after that announcement, Reeves himself confirmed that Paul Dano (Prisoners) would be portraying the role of the iconic villain The Riddler.

Riddler has been a name we knew would show up in The Batman for quite some time now, alongside Penguin and Catwoman. This was the role that Hill was apparently up for, but Reeves' wanted to cast the actor as The Penguin. Between that and Hill's salary requests being double that of the movie's lead actor Pattinson, it seems Reeves finally decided to move on to a different name. Enter Dano who was Reeves' plan B, and by some accounts fits the role of Riddler more accurately than Hill would have. 
Although he may not have the accolades Hill has, Dano has made a huge impression on audiences and critics with his creepy performances in movies like There Will Be Blood and Prisoners. Dano fits the nerdy and quirky version of Riddler fans are used to from the comics, but can also take the character into a much scarier and dramatic place. Riddler hasn't been portrayed on the big screen since Jim Carrey's memorable yet campy take on the character in Batman Forever, so both Dano and Reeves have the freedom to take the character is whatever direction they please.
Its still hard to tell who is actually the main villain of this movie, with Kravitz' Catwoman probably serving as more of an antihero alongside Batman. There's been many rumors that the movie will follow the Long Halloween storyline which features many members of Batman's rogues gallery, but the main villain there was Calendar Man. Riddler could be serving as a substitute for that role in the story, but he could also just be a secondary villain to Penguin. Reeves is apparently still actively looking for an actor to play Penguin, and has shown interest in Seth Rogen but no formal offer has been made. 
So what do you think of Paul Dano playing The Riddler? Who would you like to see play Penguin? Are you disappointed Jonah Hill won't be in the movie? Let us know below!

Actress Zoë Kravitz Will Play Selina Kyle/Catwoman In Matt Reeves' 'The Batman'

Just like with the Batman role itself, there has been months of speculation surrounding the casting of the role of Catwoman in Matt Reeves' 2021 reboot. The character has been rumored to appear in the film for a while now, yet there had been no solid casting rumors apart from fan suggestions. With Robert Pattinson (Good Time) set as our new Batman, Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) as Commissioner Gordon, and Jonah Hill (Wolf of Wallstreet) as an undisclosed villain, it was only a matter of time before Bruce Wayne's romantic flame was cast. After a shortlist of actresses screen-tested for the part, Zoe Kravitz (Big Little Lies) has reportedly won the role. 

Just a few weeks ago reports had come out that Warner Bros. was looking for a "Zoe Kravitz type" to play Catwoman and were looking at actresses of color for the role. These actresses included Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok), Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Dark Phoenix), Lupita Nyong'o (US), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Black Mirror), and Logan Browning (Dear White People). While it wasn't clear at the time why WB wouldn't just cast Kravitz herself rather than look for an actress similar to her, this was apparently due to her scheduling commitments to WB's other big franchise Fantastic Beasts. With that series in a sort of limbo at the moment, Kravitz was apparently freed up to take the role. 
Like with Pattinson who had to beat out Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road), Armie Hammer (Call Me By Your Name), and Aaron-Taylor Johnson (Kick-Ass) for the role of Bruce Wayne, Kravitz had to screen-test before winning over director Matt Reeves. According to THR the final names that screen-tested with Pattinson this weekend were fan favorites Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049), Eiza Gonzalez (Baby Driver), Ella Balinska (Charlie's Angels), and of course Kravitz herself. Its unknown if this race was as close as Pattinson and Hoult's reportedly was, but it seems Warner Bros. got the actress they wanted all along. 
(Left to right) De Armas, Gonzalez, and Balinska
This news also finally confirms that Catwoman will indeed be in the movie after months of rumors but no confirmation. The character will most likely be an anti-hero in the movie as she is in the comics, and serve as a love interest for Bruce Wayne. The character has been brought to the big screen by both Michelle Pfieffer and Anne Hathaway, so it'll be interesting to see what approach Reeves takes with the Selina Kyle. We also still don't know what villain Jonah Hill is playing or whether he's officially been cast, but Kravitz's Catwoman may be associated with him or helping Batman take him down.
So what do you think of Kravitz as Catwoman? Would you have preferred one of the other rumored actresses in the role? Let us know below!

First Look At Brandon Routh And Tom Welling's Reprisals Of Superman From CW's 'Crisis On Infinite Earths'

Its been a while since we've gotten to see Superman on the big screen, with Henry Cavill's time as the character still up in the air, we've only had a brief cameo of from the big blue boy scout in Shazam! to keep us satisfied. Thankfully CW seems to be well aware of this Superman drought, as they're providing us with not one, but three different Clark Kents from alternate universes in their upcoming crossover event Crisis On Infinite Earths. Months ago the big news that Brandon Routh, who played Kal-El in Superman Returns and has since found a place at CW as The Atom, would be playing a Kingdom Come version of the character. And in some more shocking news, we found out Tom Welling would also be returning as his version of Clark from Smallville.

Now with pretty much all the big announcements out of the way, the network has begun to give us a look at what both actors will look like as their versions of the character. Its important to note that Routh won't actually be playing the exact version of Clark that he played in Returns, as that was of course a continuation of Christopher Reeves' version. He will instead be playing an adaption of the older version of the character from the Kingdom Come storyline of the comics, which is evident in the suit that includes the black Superman symbol as well as the grey temples in his hair. 
Welling on the other hand is playing the exact version of Clark Kent that he did in Smallville, and will be accompanied by his version of Lois Lane played by Erica Durance. Lex Luthor actor Michael Rosenbaum was apparently offered to return for the event as well, but ultimately declined due to personal reasons and lack of information about the script. Its unknown whether Welling will actually finally suit up fully as Superman in Crisis On Infinite Earths, having never worn the suit throughout the entirety of Smallville back when he was just known as "The Blur".
The Arrowverse of course already has its own version of Superman played by Tyler Hoechlin, so its been clear for some time that Smallville took place in an alternate universe despite them both being CW shows. There's other big cameos from actors who have played DC characters in the past including voice actor Kevin Conroy as an older version of Batman, the original Robin Burt Ward from the 60s series, and Ashley Scott as Huntress from the Birds of Prey CW series. There's also been rumors that Lynda Carter could be making a surprise appearance as a version of Wonder Woman, but this has yet to be confirmed. 
So what do you think of Routh and Welling's returns to the Superman role? Are there any other versions of characters you'd like to see appear? Let us know below!

New Trailer For Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman' Puts De-aged De Niro, Pacino, And Pesci On Full Display

Mafia movie fans and cinephiles have been waiting for the release of Martin Scorsese's upcoming project The Irishman, which unites heavy hitter De Niro, Pacino, Keitel, and Pesci together for the first time on screen. But thing haven't exactly gone smoothly with the movies release, with issues over the movies cinematic release as well as the extensive technology used to de-age the actors all leading to years of delays. Well after the long wait its finally happening, and The Irishman will be hitting theaters and Netflix this November just in time for the award season. The new trailer gives us not only a better idea of the film's plot and relationship between its characters, but also shows off the controversial de-aging used on the main stars.

Below is the second trailer for The Irishman:
The first trailer for The Irishman released a month ago didn't get nearly as positive a reaction as this one, with some even being concerned Scorsese may have a flop on his hands. Thankfully this trailer seems to be a lot of those doubts at rest, and shows off the relationship between each of the characters. We know De Niro will be the main lead of Frank Sheeran who is hired as a hitman for the Bufalino crime family, led by Russell who's played by Pesci. The story is told for Sheeran's perspective as he recounts his life and what he did for the Bufalinos. We also see Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa, as labor leader who De Niro is assigned to take out.
The Irishman reunites Scorsese with Pesci and De Niro who he worked with on Goodfellas and Casino, but marks the first time the director works with Pacino. Other big names involved are Harvey Keitel, Ray Romano, Bobby Cannavale, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Graham amongst others. The movie is already getting great buzz after its first screening for critics last night, with the de-aging technology being complemented and the film hailed as one of Scorsese's best in years. There's a strong chance we could see the movie make a big mark at the Oscars this year if this praise continues and with so many big names involved. 
So what did you think of the new trailer for The Irishman? Does the de-aging technology bother you? Let us know below!

Sony And Disney Agree To Deal That Will See Spider-Man Return To The MCU With A Movie Set For July 16, 2021

No this isn't a joke or a prank, the news that Spider-Man fans never thought they'd get has finally arrived. After a month of frustration and disappointment over the standoff between Sony and Marvel that would see Tom Holland's Peter Parker written out of the MCU, peace has finally be restored. Marvel Studios and Sony have a agreed to a deal that will see them collaborate on the upcoming third film that now has an official release date of July 16, 2021. Not only will the third film now be a part of the MCU, but Spider-Man has also been confirmed to appear in another Phase 4 MCU movie that has yet to be revealed. 

The story itself courtesy of Deadline almost reads as fan fiction, as the chance of both sides ever coming to a deal was looking very slim, but they seemingly did just last night. Both Sony and Disney had been public about moving on in their own separate direction, with the MCU working to focus on many of their other characters, and Sony hoping to incorporate Holland's Spider-Man into their own Venom cinematic universe. This still might be the case with the deal seemingly only being temporary and much shorter than the first Spider-Man deal, and Sony eventually still wanting the character to themselves for their own planned shared universe.
This deal does allow Marvel Studios to give their version of Spider-Man a proper conclusion, rather than having the character suddenly disappear after being so key to their last phase of films. Far From Home of course ended with a major cliffhanger with Mysterio having revealed Peter's identity to the world, so getting to see that explored in the MCU and what implications it causes is much more interesting than seeing it play out in a basically all new Sony universe. This also allows the references to Tony Stark, appearances from Happy Hogan and other Marvel heroes, as well as the events of Endgame to be referenced and used in the third movie. 
Its also been revealed that Jon Watts, director of both Homecoming and Far From Home will be returning for the third film. There had been rumors Disney and Sony were in a bidding war for Watts' services, with Sony wanting him to finish the trilogy for their own planned third film, while Disney wanted him to direct another one of their MCU properties. Its still unknown which future movie Spider-Man will be appearing in, but some rumors have suggested it may be in the planned Fantastic Four reboot, a group Spidey crossed paths with often in the comics, or a yet to be announced Avengers team-up. Its possible the MCU could also now be more tied into the Venom-verse than we initially thought, with each universes movies referencing the others and allowing Holland's Peter to co-exist in both. 
So what do you think of the news of Sony and Disney coming to a deal? Or you happy with what we're getting or do you wish it was longer? Let us know below!

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige Developing A New 'Star Wars' Movie For Disney With Kathleen Kennedy

Kevin Feige's name has been in headlines more than usual lately, with his name having come up in all the back and forth between Disney and Sony over the rights to Spider-Man on screen. Feige is of course known as the mastermind behind the MCU, a producer who worked his way up from working on the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy to becoming the architect behind one of the biggest franchises in the world. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that yet another Disney owned franchise finely came knocking on Mr. Feige's office door, and thats none other than Star Wars.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Feige is attached to an all new Star Wars film thats in the works over at Disney. This project will be separate from the current trilogy which is coming to an end this year with Rise of Skywalker, and also will have to relation to the upcoming Star Wars films by Rian Johnson or the one being written by D.B. Weiss and David Beinoff (Game of Thrones). Its unknown what this project will actually be about but it will likely also focus on new characters as the franchise looks to move on from the Skywalker saga.
Feige's involvement make come as a surprise to some Marvel fans who are surprised to see him crossover into another franchise, but he will still remain the head of Marvel Studios and for now isn't taking on a bigger role at LucasFilm. Kathleen Kennedy who has assumed a similar position to Feige's MCU role and the overseer of the Star Wars films has taken some criticism in the last few years, specifically with fans frustration over the direction of the new trilogy, and lack of creative control given to directors working on their projects. Bringing Feige on board should be a relief to fans who know he has already proven he has a way for crafting cinematic universes, and will hopefully see his impact felt in other upcoming Star Wars projects.
Reports have also suggested Feige already has a big name star lined up to star in the project, and that it may be an actor he has already worked with in the MCU. Feige's passion for Star Wars as a fan apparently drew him to eventually get involved in a project with them and ultimately led to this partnership with Kennedy. The Star Wars films have been not only distancing themselves from the Skywalker saga, but also any prequel or spinoff films following the disappointing performance of Solo: A Star Wars story. The franchise has instead turned to Disney+ for many of their projects such as The Mandalorian and the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, so we can expect all of these new projects to be completely new stories with all new characters just set in the Star Wars universe. 
So what do you think of Kevin Feige's involvement with Star Wars? Do you hope he'll take on a bigger role at LucasFilm? Let us know below!