Amazon's 'The Boys' Season 2 Casts Goran Visnjic And Claudia Doumit Along With Other Returning Characters

This summer brought us one the most surprising and dark takes on the superhero genre in Amazon's The Boys, and it shouldn't be a surprise that a second season is already in the works given the show's success. Following all the crazy events of season 1, the show-runners still have many questions left to answer and plot lines to continue. While we know most of the original cast will be returning including several members of The Boys and The Seven, we now know some of the new faces that will be joining in on the madness and what characters they will be playing. 

For those who haven't seen the show, there will be some major spoilers for Season 1 ahead. As well all know the first season ended with some pretty major cliffhangers, the biggest being the death of one of the heads of Vought Madeline Sitwell (Elisabeth Shue) after it is revealed she has been keeping secrets from Homelander (Antony Starr). We also get the big reveal that Billy Butcher (Karl Urban)'s wife never actually died during childbirth, and she has given birth to a raised the son of Homelander. Meanwhile The Boys including Hughie (Jack Quaid), Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso), and Frenchie (Tomer Kapon) are all now on the run after being rescued by Starlight (Erin Moriarty) from a vengeful A-Train, who has seemingly overdosed on ComboundV.
That's obviously a lot to take in, and there's several different directions the show can take and decisions these characters can make. We know that Homelander will most likely be the clear main antagonist of Season 2, but we also know he has created several super terrorist around the world using ComboundV. We also don't know if Homelander will still be loyal to Vought or The Seven, or if the team even will exist now with the possible death of A-Train (Jessie T. Usher). Fans have already speculated The Deep (Chace Crawford) could be getting a redemption arc at some point switching sides against Vought ala Steve Harrington from Stranger Things, but as far as we know the character still is in Ohio.
One of the returning names recently confirmed is Malcolm Barrett (Timeless) as Vought marketing employee Seth, who was revealed to have had a tragic sexual encounter with a supe in the support group Billy and Hughie visit. Some of the new characters being introduced are Victoria Neuman played by Claudia Doumit (Timeless), who will be a young congresswomen. Its likely she'll play a role in the on going argument over having superheroes join the military from season one, and how the reveal of the super terrorists has affected this. Meanwhile yet another Timeless alum Goran Visnjic will play Alistair Adana, the head of a mysterious church. We've already seen how religion has played a role in the world of The Boys as shown through Ezekiel and the way Vought used it to make supes believe their powers were god given rather than made in a lab. This will likely play into that and possibly more of Starlight or even Homelander's past, or could just be a whole new organization introduced to the show.
So what do you think of these new characters joining Season 2? Do you have any predictions for what will happen next season? Let us know below!

Tom Holland And Kevin Feige Comment On Spider-Man's Future And Seemingly Confirm His MCU Exit

With everything that's been playing out through the media regarding them, you'd think Tom Holland and Kevin Feige would like to be as far away from reporters right now as possible. Unfortunately for them, the two both had to make appearances at this weekend's D23 conference to talk about their upcoming projects. While Holland was their to only promote his upcoming Pixar movie with Chris Pratt called Onward, and Feige took the stage to announce Black Panther 2, questions about the future of Spider-Man were inevitable. The two sat down with Entertainment Weekly to basically confirm that Spidey's future will see him outside of the MCU, and the two gave their first official comments on the matter. 

In the presentation for Onward that I mentioned above, the crowd attending the event apparently gave a loud applause for Holland once he took the stage. While at that moment he didn't specifically talk about the drama unfolding he reportedly appeared emotional onstage when he stated the following: “It’s been a crazy week but I want you all to know from the bottom of my heart I love you 3000”. The clear node to Iron Man's quote from Endgame could be interpreted as a final thank you or goodbye to the MCU, as well as the support he's been getting online from fans. The actor has not only had a tough week due to the Spider-Man news, but also because of his upcoming Uncharted film losing its director just a few days ago. 
While there was no further mention of Spider-Man on stage, Holland did a sit down interview later in the day to more specifically talk about Spidey's future. The actor made sure to confirm that no matter what happens he'll still be playing the character, amongst some rumors he may not have been signed on and was frustrated over having to leave the MCU. In the video below you can see Holland's comments on the matter, which will vague and optimistic also seemingly confirm the character's exit. Feige also sat down to shed some light on the whole situation, stating that Marvel always knew their access to the Spider-Man character was temporary and they feel they were able to tell the story they wanted.  
So from this we can pretty much get that Feige and Marvel are moving on from the character, or at least making it appear so. While it isn't hard to believe that the studio always had the possibility of losing Spider-Man in their head, it is a little far fetched to think this is all the story they wanted to tell. After all, Spider-Man: Far From Home still had many MCU character playing a role in Peter's life despite the absense of Iron Man, and seemed to be setting him up as one of the new faces of the universe going forward. With the cliffhanger of the world now knowing Peter's identity, and seemed like something that would change the state of the MCU for the future. There's also the eventual next interpretation of The Avengers, which almost certainly would've featured Holland's Spider-Man in a key role.
Although this is all disappointing for fans, it is good to know that Holland will at least be returning as the character and we won't have to sit through yet another reboot. Now how different Peter and his world will be without the MCU and in the hands of Sony has yet to be seen, and how they will explain all the missing elements that were so important in the last movie (I guess Aunt May's single again). We also now have confirmation writers Chris McKenna and Eric Sommers who wrote Far From Home will be returning to write the third film for Sony. Jon Watts on the other hand still isn't under contract for the sequel, and Sony and Marvel have reportedly gotten into a bidding wore to get the director to work on their future projects.
So what do you think of Feige and Holland's comments? Do you think Spider-Man 3 can still work without the MCU? Let us know below!

Marvel Reveals New Disney+ Series 'Ms. Marvel', 'She Hulk', and 'Moon Knight' Along With Other Casting News

Amidst all the Spider-Man drama playing out right now between Sony and Disney, Marvel Studios seemingly wants to still give fans something to lift their spirits. While the studio made most of their upcoming project announcements at this year's Comic-Con, they apparently saved some for this week's D23 conference in Anaheim. While their had been rumblings Disney would announce another big project, they instead gave us three which include the likes of Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, and Moon Knight. Similar to the early Marvel Netflix shows, the studio felt these character were best served on as a streaming series rather than films. But unlike with the Netflix characters, we know these three will definitely be connected to the MCU.

Ms. Marvel is a character who has become very popular in recent years in the comics with her alter ego being Kamala Khan who will be the first Muslim character in the MCU. She comes from a Pakistani-American religious family who lives in New Jersey, and she looks up to her idol Captain Marvel. The character is a teenager in the comics so this addition also brings in a new young hero who could join The Avengers down the line, and may end up partially taking the place of Spider-Man as the "new kid". 
She-Hulk is a character who has been rumored for some time, and with Hulk seemingly never getting his own solo movie in the MCU the options to introduce her character were becoming slim. In the comics she's Bruce Banner's cousin, a lawyer named Jennifer Walters who gets a blood transfusion from him and ultimately gives her similar powers. It'll be interesting to see if Mark Ruffalo makes an appearance in the show, especially given how much Disney wants these shows to tie into the big screen MCU.
Then there's Moon Knight, a character who many fans wanted to see join the Netflix Marvel universe back when Daredevil and Punisher were getting their own shows. He's considered one of the darker Marvel superheroes, and even sometimes referred to as their answer to Batman. A series or movie based on him was almost inevitable, and sure enough fans have finally gotten what they wanted. The character has ties to ancient Egypt and some supernatural elements, and with Mahershala Ali's Blade now joining the MCU Moon Knight should fit in nicely.
Some other announcements and footage was shown for Disney+ shows that were already announced. We now know that Emily VanCamp's Agent Sharon Carter (Niece of Beggy) will be returning for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, along with Wyatt Russell playing the new role of US Agent. In the comics US Agent serves as a sort of Captain America wannabe, so its possible this version of the character could have been the government's attempt to replace Steve Rogers. We also know that WandaVision will apparently almost be a 1950s sitcom, with it being the way Wanda imagines her life with Vision in her head. MCU comedic relief character such as Kat Denning's Darcy and Randall Park's Agent Jimmy Woo will also be regulars on the show. 

So what do you think of all these announcements? Which series excites you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Sony And Marvel Reportedly End 'Spider-Man' Deal Removing Tom Holland's Peter Parker From The MCU

As a huge Spider-Man fan, I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say we've been through some serious ups and downs this last decade. Between the cancellation of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4, the reboot starring Andrew Garfield, and the eventual integration of the character into the MCU played by Tom Holland, there hasn't exactly been stability for fans of the webslinger. Well just when we had got our footing, it seems Sony has now ended their deal with Marvel Studios. This deal was what allowed Tom Holland's version of the character into the MCU specifically for big events movies like Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame. The character will now apparently be going back on his own away from all the other Marvel characters, and will remove Spidey and all his supporting characters from availability in future MCU projects.

The news in devastating for a number of reasons, but at first its important to note that Sony was never purchased by Marvel unlike the recent deal with Marvel Studios. Where as characters such as the X-Men and Fantastic Four are now fully under Marvel Studios' control with not threat of leaving, the Sony deal saw a partnership between the two studios that would allow them to use the character and share in the profit. Unfortunately this always left the door open for the possibility of Sony wanting to fully take back the character for themselves, especially after a new successful version of the character was launched by the MCU.
The deal was made in the first place due to struggles Sony was having with the Amazing Spider-Man franchise and the Sony hacks that took place around the same time. There was always the thought this deal could be temporary and that now seems to be the case, with the renegotiating of the deal between Sony and Marvel falling through. Marvel reportedly wanted a 50/50 agreement that would see the pay half for each of the movies in order to receive half of the profit. Sony was not interested in this and feel they can move on from the character without the help of Marvel or Kevin Feige. 
Tom Holland's version of the character seemed to be set up as a future staple for the MCU, with the majority of his last film dealing with the legacy left behind by his mentor Iron Man. There were also several non Spider-Man MCU characters involved including Happy Hogan, Nick Fury, and Maria Hill. Its unknown how Sony will account for all these characters or even mentions of them in their new movies, especially with how important they were in Peter Parker's life. Its possible Sony could go the multiverse route by having this Peter crossover into another reality without any of those characters, or focusing on an entirely new version of the character still played by Holland. Overall the whole situation is going to create a headache for both parties involved from a storytelling standpoint. Perhaps the writing was on the wall at this years Comic-Con, where there was no mention of Holland's Spidey at Kevin Feige's Hall H Marvel Panel.
So how do you feel about Spider-Man leaving the MCU? What do you think Sony will do with the character? Let us know below!

Marvel Studios Announces Full Phase 4 Slate Including 'Thor: Love and Thunder', 'The Eternals', 'Black Widow', and 'Blade'

One of the most exciting events for movie fans every year has become the Marvel Studios' Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Over the last ten years of the MCU, Hall H has been the location of many memorable events including the announcement of the cast for The Avengers, the title for Age of Ultron, and the trailer for Infinity War. But now with the Infinity Saga having come to a close and the events of Endgame leaving the future of the MCU as a big mystery, this year's Comic-Con finally gave fans the roadmap for whats to come courtesy of the mastermind himself Kevin Feige.

Below is the list of all the MCU projects announced at Hall H this year, some of which we knew about and some that were huge surprises. These include new solo projects, Disney+ shows, and sequels along with their directors, logos, and some of their cast. They're in order of release date, but some of these projects still don't have official dates set. 

Black Widow - May 21, 2020
Despite pretty much all of us knowing this movie was in the works, Marvel decided to announce Black Widow as the last movie on its panel (Or so we thought). While the actual announcement of the movie and its release date weren't much of a surprise, we did get some new details including the fact that the movie will take place after Civil War. We also know David Harbour will be playing some version of Red Guardian from the comics, and Taskmaster will be the villain as revealed in some concept art.

The Eternals - November 6, 2020
Eternals is a very mysterious property to some casual comic book fans, and they are characters who will give us a much better understanding of the mythos and history behind the MCU. Going with such an unknown group of characters is one of Marvel's bigger risks, but the cast they've put together has certainly eased fans. This panel included the confirmation of the cast which includes Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Bryan Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, and more. 

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - Disney+ Fall 2020
Along with Loki and WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was one of the first Disney+ series we heard would be in development. We now know that Falcon has taken up the mantle of Captain America after he was given the mantle by old Steve in Endgame, and Winter Soldier is now his partner in crime. The rumors of Daniel Bruhl returning as Baron Zemo after the events of Civil War are true, and he will indeed be the villain of the series and even wear the character's iconic mask.

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings - February 12, 2021
Shang-Chi is another project we've recently learned Marvel had in active development, and is the only movie here where we're fully being introduced to a single lead character in their own solo movie. We know the movie will be directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, and will star newcomer Simu Liu in the title role. Whats probably most interesting about this announcement is that Marvel will be bringing the real Mandarin to the MCU after the controversial twist from Iron Man 3. Actor Tony Leung will be playing the role, and some rumors have suggested this version of the character could be Shang-Chi's uncle. 

WandaVision - Spring 2021
The second Disney+ we'll be getting is the already confirmed Vision and Scarlet Witch series, that will apparently see the return of the character after his death in Infinity War. Feige emphasized how its one of the strangest projects Marvel has ever created, which may confirm rumors that the show will partially take place in the 1950s as well as in alternate timelines. We also know the character of Monica Rambeau who was a young girl in Captain Marvel will now be an adult played by Teyonah Parris, and will serve as one of the series main cast.

Loki - Spring 2021
Sometime alongside the release of WandaVision will be the premiere of another Disney+ series focused on Tom Hiddleston's fan favorite Loki. Although the character also met his end in Infinity War, we know the alternate timeline version of Loki from the past The Avengers went back to is still alive and has the tesseract in his possession. The show will apparently feature him also traveling through time and possibly even the multiverse, so it'll be interesting to see The God of Mischief put his plan into action.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness - May 7, 2021
A Doctor Strange sequel has been rumored for a while now but we weren't sure what direction they'd take the character in, but the title alone here is a huge giveaway. With original director Scott Derrickson returning, the movie has been described as Marvel Studios' first horror film. Scarlet Witch will be in the film which likely means it will directly tie into the events of WandaVision. This also confirms the multiverse does exist in the MCU despite Mysterio lying about it in Far From Home, so this opens the door to different version of characters and possibly the introduction of some of the Fox characters like the X-Men.

Hawkeye - Fall 2021
Just like Black Widow, her partner in crime Clint Barton will be getting his own solo outing, only his will be in the form of a Disney+ series. Jeremy Renner will be starring alongside a yet to be announced actress as his protege Kate Bishop, who Barton trains in the comics to become the new Hawkeye. Bishop's character was heavily rumored to appear in Endgame with some believing the scene early in the film with his daughter could mean she would be taking up the mantle, but we now know Bishop will indeed by a new character in the MCU. This also is likely setting the stage for an eventual New Avengers or Young Avengers film with Bishop as the new Hawkeye, and Barton in retirement with his family.

Thor: Love And Thunder - November 5, 2021
This one probably would've been a bigger shocker if we hadn't already heard that Taika Waititi would be returning to work on Thor 4 earlier in the week. With no character having received a fourth film yet in the MCU, and Thor now seemingly part of the Guardians, many of us believed the next time we would be seeing him was in Guardians 3. There was still a big surprise left for the stage though as it was revealed Natalie Portman would be returning as Jane Foster and the film would adapt the comic where she becomes The Mighty Thor. While Portman had seemed to have a falling out with Marvel with her character written out of the films, Taika's involvement may bring us a whole new layer to the character we haven't yet seen. 

Confirmed Phase 5 Projects Without Release Dates

Just when everyone thought the panel was over, Kevin Feige revealed he still had another surprise up his sleeve. Oscar Winner Mahershala Ali took to the stage and revealed he would be playing Blade in a new film reboot for the character, made famous by Wesley Snipes in the 90s. Although Blade is not part of Phase 4 and doesn't have a release date or director yet, we did get a logo and of course our main actor announcement. Feige also assured fans Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Guardians 3, Fantastic Four, and X-Men are all in development seemingly for Phase 5. While he never mention Spider-Man 3 or Ant-Man 3, its possible these projects could've slipped his mind as the announcement were made pretty off the cuff. 

So what do you think of all of Marvel's Phase 4 projects? Which one are you most excited for? Let us know below!

'The Batman' Rumors Tease Catwoman, Penguin, and Robin Appearing As Pattinson's Casting Is Confirmed

Now that its been a few weeks since the world learned Robert Pattinson would probably be our next Batman, fans have had a chance to let the news sink in. Some have been in uproar over the casting much in the same way they were about Ben Affleck's due to Pattinson's Twilight past, while others are excited by the choice thanks to his recent impressive performances in several indie films. Although there were rumors as recently as last week that the casting decision was still down to screen-tests in the suit between both Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult, director Matt Reeves has taken to Twitter to confirm the actor's casting. Now with our new Dark Knight set, speculation has already begun as to what we can expect from this new Batman story.

Well for one thing we've learned that its all but confirmed that the film will not be connected to the previous DCEU or any of the films featuring Affleck. While some believed Pattinson could be playing a young version of Affleck's Batman set in the 1990s, this apparently won't be the case. This makes sense as having Reeves work with the limitations of fitting his film and ideas into an already established universe seems problematic. Having this version of Batman take place in the past would also make it nearly impossible to have him interact with any other DC characters, as they wouldn't have come around until years later. With rumors suggesting Henry Cavill may also be out as Superman and DC wanting to focus on solo movies, its possible we may not see Pattinson's Batman come in contact with any heroes outside of Gotham until Reeves' is done with his trilogy.
With this news comes the acceptance that we'll also be seeing the recasting of several Batman supporting characters such as J.K. Simmons' Commissioner Gordon and Jeremy Irons' Alfred Pennyworth, two fan favorites who never had a chance to appear in a solo movie alongside Affleck. It'll be interesting to see who Reeves' decides on for these roles, but we can probably expect them to be younger now that Bruce Wayne himself will be in his early thirties. Rumors have also suggested several members of Batman's rogues gallery will be making an appearance in a Long Halloween style detective story, with Wayne having to figure out which one of his villain was responsible for the murder of a Gotham politician. Reeves has heavily hinted there will be a detective and noir influence throughout the narrative, some rumors have suggested the involvement of The Riddler who is known for setting up clues and riddles for Batman to solve.
This opens the door for several possibilities and character appearances, but apparently the main two Reeves is interested in having headline are Catwoman and The Penguin. The two characters were already paired up on screen in Tim Burton's Batman Returns, but one can expect Reeves' has a very different approach to his versions of these characters. Josh Gad (Frozen) has previously teased that he wants to play The Penguin in The Batman, but its unknown whether he is really in consideration or is just campaigning for the role. The last rumor making the rounds courtesy of Forbes has been that Batman's sidekick Robin may finally make an appearance in the movie, with it possibly being the Dick Grayson first version of the character given how young Wayne will be. It'll be interesting to see who they cast in this role and what age range they're looking for, but I'd like to suggest my picks of either Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) or Sunny Suljic (Mid90s).
So what do you think of these characters possibly showing up in The Batman? Is there anyone specific you would like to see cast in these roles? Let us know below!