Top 25 Movies of All Time

Out of all the movies in the world, not all can be sucessful. Some are rentals, some are must see in theaters, and some are "I can't believe I wasted my time on this" movies. But know matter what type of movie it is they all have a crew that puts some what of an effert to make their movie shine. So with out further or do Turbo Exp presents the top 25 movies ever made:

The Roots of Phineas and Ferb, the Beginning of it All

You’re probably expecting me to say a line like “On a cold November night in a mobile home in Alabama two men did the unthinkable". Well no, these roots or origins if you will are to interesting for that. Phineas and Ferb probably has the most interesting and detailed origins of any other cartoon created, and I'm about to explain it to you. Between its all-star Disney cast, to its original theme song created by Bowling for Soup this show is like no other cartoon you ever heard of. But where did it start, who created it' why promote it to Disney. All these questions will be answered in the following post.

The Motion Control Battle of the Decade

This decade has just come to a start and we are already in the mist of a battle. That's right a battle, the battle between Microsoft's Xbox 360's Project Natal and Sony's PS3 motion controller. Both were presented at the 2009 E3 and Sony and Microsoft's rivalry has just become ten times more tense. My opinion is PS3's motion controller is just the Wii remote painted black with Playstation buttons on it and a big ball at the top, but there's more to it then that. Sony is thinking of PS3 users being able to use both the motion controller and DualShock 3 controller (PS3 original controller) at the same time during game play.

Review: Move Over Harry Potter, Percy Jackson Has Arrived

Percy Jackson is a great movie to catch with your family this Presidents Day Weekend. But if you're a die hard fan of the books, you might find yourself sitting in front of the screen in frustration.

Everybody Hates the Crews?

Everybody may hate Chris but everybody loves America's funniest TV dad. Former defensive linebacker and former Everybody Hates Chris star Terry Crews now has a new reality TV show on BET. The show revolves around Terry and his family of five kids, his wife Rebecca, and their dog Coffee. Terry wants to turn around his career as a sitcom dad to a family dad with this show.

The Lightning Thief is Now the Role Thief: Logan Lerman Up For The Spider-Man Reboot

Logan Lerman just finished his portrayal of Percy Jackson in the film adaption of Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief and he's already becoming a rising star. The movie was better then I expected, but it's not the best book remade into a movie I have seen as can be read in my review.But I was happy with the film, mainly because I liked the casting choices and how in dark scenes like the Underworld scene they lightened the mode with Grover's humor, but I especially enjoyed Lerman's performance.

Life Really is Unfair, Especially for Malcom in Middle

The new ABC sitcom The Middle has some striking similarities to Fox's old series Malcom in the Middle. Now I know we can all relate to both shows in some way but one things for sure these shows are to similar, or is it just me?

The PSP's Big Come Back- All Thanks to One Game

Sony's Playstation Portable isn't all what we expected it to be. I mean really our latest poll shows it all. The PSP was very popular at its first release but due to increasing competition popularity has plummeted to the ground. The PSP has come out with newer models like the slim, 3000, and the unsuccessful PSP Go. But now Polyphony Digital has created Gran Turismo PSP. This game was specially designed for the PSP using the PSP's graphics to it's max.

CGI Domination

Everyone knows what a cartoon is. When you hear the word cartoon you think of Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny but cartoons have evolved from then. Some shows like Phineas and Ferb, SpongeBob, and Fairly Oddparents(despite there HD formatting) have stayed true to the original classic cartoon idea but now a days that's rare. First we started to see the whole 3-D cartoon (CGI) in movies by Dreamworks and Pixar but now where starting to see it on our own televisions. The movies Madagascar and Jimmy Neutron the movie both evolved into TV shows of their own on Nickelodeon.

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