CGI Domination

Everyone knows what a cartoon is. When you hear the word cartoon you think of Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny but cartoons have evolved from then. Some shows like Phineas and Ferb, SpongeBob, and Fairly Oddparents(despite there HD formatting) have stayed true to the original classic cartoon idea but now a days that's rare. First we started to see the whole 3-D cartoon (CGI) in movies by Dreamworks and Pixar but now where starting to see it on our own televisions. The movies Madagascar and Jimmy Neutron the movie both evolved into TV shows of their own on Nickelodeon.

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, Fanboy and Chum Chum and Penguins of Madagascar are just a few of these new CGI cartoons. Maybe the popularity in these type of shows has increased due to the the fact that soon TV will be in 3-D. Have you noticed that in Nick video games we have seen 2-D cartoons like Timmy Turner and SpongeBob in 3-D. We all saw the characters from Jimmy Neutron in 2-D and the characters of Fairly Oddparents in 3-D in the Jimmy Timmy Power Hours. Now the choice is yours what do you perfer CGI or classic cartooning?