Everybody Hates the Crews?

Everybody may hate Chris but everybody loves America's funniest TV dad. Former defensive linebacker and former Everybody Hates Chris star Terry Crews now has a new reality TV show on BET. The show revolves around Terry and his family of five kids, his wife Rebecca, and their dog Coffee. Terry wants to turn around his career as a sitcom dad to a family dad with this show.

It's not his first time turning around his career, the transition from a defensive line backer to Chris Rock's dad  was probally his biggest so far. Crews wants to add class to reality TV shows while showing his family has class at the same time. Good luck with that Terry wait untill the camera starts rolling, there will be no class left in your house. Anyway lets not put Terry down he just got his big break let him have his moment. Crews also wants to prove he is a tough dad although he has he's daddy's little girl problem.

The drama becomes tense when his wife Rebecca who put aside her dreams to raise their family tries to for fill those dreams once again. I don't usually like drama in my TV shows but I think this could be good. The Family Crews shows Terry Crews after working in Hollywood finally on break at home with his family. Now it's his family's time to shine and they will do anything to shine, and I do mean anything. Watch The Family Crews tonight at 9pm/10c, I know I will.