Life Really is Unfair, Especially for Malcom in Middle

The new ABC sitcom The Middle has some striking similarities to Fox's old series Malcom in the Middle. Now I know we can all relate to both shows in some way but one things for sure these shows are to similar, or is it just me?
The Middle revolves around mom Frankie and her three kids Sue, Axel, and Brick Heck as they struggle with school, neighborhood, and financial problems along the way. The thing is that both shows show the true side of real family life. The character Axel is very similar to Malcom in the Middle's Reese always using his younger siblings and tauting them but he is also similar to Malcom in the Middle's Franis because both are very rebellious.

Brick is very similar to Dewey because of their shyness smartness and of course being the youngest. And of course Frankie reminds me of Malcom narrating the show from there own opinion. Now in the show the Middle the term middle in the title refers to them living in the midwest while the middle in Malcom in the Middle refers to him being the middle child. Even though the show does have many striking similarities to Malcom in the Middle it's a good show of its on. Now the show we have to watch out for is Sons of Tucson created by Justin Berfield (Reese). I'm sure we will see lots of elements from Malcom in Tucson but that's a whole other story. But one things for sure, The Middle doesn't have Frankie Muniz.