The Motion Control Battle of the Decade

This decade has just come to a start and we are already in the mist of a battle. That's right a battle, the battle between Microsoft's Xbox 360's Project Natal and Sony's PS3 motion controller. Both were presented at the 2009 E3 and Sony and Microsoft's rivalry has just become ten times more tense. My opinion is PS3's motion controller is just the Wii remote painted black with Playstation buttons on it and a big ball at the top, but there's more to it then that. Sony is thinking of PS3 users being able to use both the motion controller and DualShock 3 controller (PS3 original controller) at the same time during game play.

 What this means is like using the motion controller as a sword and the DualShock as a shield. Pretty cool huh, but wait until you hear about Natal. Project Natal brings us into the future of gaming way more advanced than those big shot SciFi movie directors could have ever imagined. As said by award winning movie director Steven Spielberg (a supporter of Natal) "We are not updating the wheel, we are completelly reinventing the wheel", well it went something like that. Now while all this is happening for some reason Nintendo isn't scared or updating the Wii or anything. In fact the Nintendo CEO has been refusing to upgrade the Wii's graphics or even planning on a new HD console.

Well we should just leave those Nintendo guys alone to keep doing whatever their doing. Anyway back to our topic, Natal uses facial and voice recognition while the PS3 motion controller uses bluetooth. Well at least the two have one thing in common, they will probably both cost more than one hundred dollars not including the console it's self. So both are bound to be a success but just remember this, no matter what happens both devices will probably run Nintendo out of business. For more info on Project Natal and the Playstation 3 motion controller check out the are Coming Soon page. And also check out videos of Natal in action from our video bar. 
                              PS3 motion controller
                                 Project Natal