The PSP's Big Come Back- All Thanks to One Game

Sony's Playstation Portable isn't all what we expected it to be. I mean really our latest poll shows it all. The PSP was very popular at its first release but due to increasing competition popularity has plummeted to the ground. The PSP has come out with newer models like the slim, 3000, and the unsuccessful PSP Go. But now Polyphony Digital has created Gran Turismo PSP. This game was specially designed for the PSP using the PSP's graphics to it's max.

The game is available from the Playstation Store and on UMD. The game has a wide selection of cars and awesome game play. I give the game four stars for being one of the best PSP racing games of all time. So if your losing hope in your PSP and are ready to trade it in think twice about this article. Now if only the PSP could use this type of gameplay and graphics for action games like Assassin's Creed or something.

                                                             Gran Turismo Screen Shot

See the full length trailer at