Age Is But A Number

Most stars on kids TV shows are much older then there targeted audiences. Some stars as old as twenty. But why lie about there age? Simple, the networks want kids to relate with the characters. The more they relate the more viewers they get, the more viewers they get the more money they get. I'm not saying all kids TV stars are old enough to legally drink and vote, some are the same age as their characters, "SOME” Kids networks like Disney also pick ten year olds to play middle school kids to show a difference between their high school characters and their character's younger siblings. That’s Disney's business plan, it always has been and always will be. But is there a purpose to this business style?
Disney Channel and Nickelodeon are major participants in scam
Maybe they prefer older actors because they have more experience, or it might be just for looks. These older actors could have just fit the role better then any one else. Not too many TV shows now a day have a main character in middle school. The target is high school for some reason. Shows way back when, used to stay true to there age. Some shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-air, let actors keep their names for there characters. But now it is all about the money. Money, Money, Money. Kids would be crushed to hear that their favorite TV idol is really as old as their teacher or mom. So sad but no worries as long as kids don't read this post they will never know.

Most shows get canceled because their main actors quit. Why quit? Because their older and don't want to be on kid TV shows anymore. They grow out of it, just like anyone else would. The moral is sometimes kids networks are hiding things that they just don't want you to know. Rumors that Jason Earles is thirty four, or that the cast of Sonny With A Chance is in their twenties will never be proven because of the protection kids networks have. What happens in the studio stays in the studio. So whether will know that all this is true, probably not but we will always suspect something from them.