American Idol vs Winter Olympics- The Viewer Magnets

During the last couple of weeks two major networks NBC and Fox have been competing to see who can  get the most viewers. Both networks have been broadcasting impotant TV programs, NBC has been playing the Winter Olympics while Fox has been playing the new season of American Idol. Both networks have a lot to make up for considering the fact that nether played the Super Bowl because it was CBS's turn for that.

I'm not saying CBS stole the show (because trust me thats the last thing could do) and I'm not trying to make this a NBC vs CBS vs Fox post, which I tend to do sometimes.Well actually this is one of those vs posts that I can't get enough of. Anyway back to our topic and forgive me for that side track, both the Winter Olympics and American Idol are known for getting many viewers. But did they enough, if so who got the most.
 This will be answered after the break. Just messing with you, statistics show the Winter Olympics
 beat put Idol as far as viewers go.

 With Idol passing it's untalented point and now getting to the serious elimination stages it will be attracting more viewers. In the mean time NBC has a line up of new shows their ready to unleash for primetime now that they lost their Olympics viewer magnet. But know worries Fox, I think you will be back on top in no time. So maybe Idol will be back on top sometie soon but that doesn't give NBC no hope. By now both networks no the keys to viewer sucess, and I will tell you these keys once I find them out. American Idol is #1 on the Neilsen ratings list and is one of three along with the Cosby show and All in the Family that have been number one for five consecutive seasons. Hard to beat, but the winter Olympics did it anyway.

One of the questions people asked is " Did the fact that the Olympics were in Canada (the US's neighbor) affect the amount of viewers that toned in"? Ofcourse. People will tone in to watch Olympics in a nice familiar country rather than an ugly unknown country. It's basic common sense people. Trust me NBC knows bussiness inside out (well at least CNBC knows bussiness inside out). Another question asked refering to Idol is " Does having Ellen as a judge affect the amount of viewer toned in" It depends. Fans of Ellen and Comedy will be thrilled to see her on the show, viewers who want judges with a musical background will not be happy seeing Ellen criticing singers searching for musical advice.

Wether these things had an affect on the amount of viewers toned in or if the winter Olympics just won the title of "Viewer Magnet" fair and square, don't worry if you picked one over the other because your vote ALWAYS counts.