Has The PS3's Halo Arrived!

Could it be? Halo for PS3.The Microsoft Xbox franchise might be arriving for rival console PS3. Xbox users want feel special anymore if this happens. But is this the same silly rumor we have all seen before, or is it different this time. Sony has made many attempts to make similar or even almost the same type of game but has failed to do so. In 2005 Time Magazine quoted Bill Gates saying that Sony's next-gen console will "walk into" the Xbox 360 follow-up to the best-selling sci-fi shooter. If you all can remember that was the year of the Xbox 360's launch. At the time Microsoft was getting ready to launch Halo 3 as soon as Sony launched the PS3.

Now back to present day, this never really did happen. I think gets just said these things to pressure Sony into screwing up their new console with last minute changes. One sign of a connection between Halo and the PS3 is the Little Big Planet Halo add-on. The fact that Sony is actually welling to advertise Microsoft's Halo is abnormal, especially considering has stubborn Sony is. After the rumor that Sony decline Microsoft's idea to let everyone with a PS3 and Xbox 360 play Modern Warfare 2 together online, Sony's gotten a bad rep. People believe Bungie the company that made Halo has split with Microsoft and is looking into partnering with one of their rivals. Unfortunately PS3 fans, Bungie may be the creator of Halo but Microsoft owns the rights to it. Just like people want to see Nintendo's Super Smash Bros on the PS3 or Xbox, people want to see Halo on PS3. But unfortunately there’s a 999999999999.99999% chance any of this will happen, so I'm warning you now don't get your hopes up.