Yes, Theres An App For That

Ipod Touch 4th Gen.

The iPod Touch is the gadget to be carrying around now a days.Between it's gaming capability and it's slim form, it's handy and hi tech.I bet you've never heard those two words together before
, well actually you have.Still this little device has out smarted almost every portable device out there; PSP, DS and DSi and any other portable devices I've never heard of. Now I know this isn't really a gaming device but technically  you can use it for a decent gaming experience. Just like with any other hi tech device a 4th generation iPod Touch may be coming out soon so save up.Unlike it's like it's fellow Apple device the iPhone (that you can use for phone calls unlike with the iTouch). Who knows maybe we will see a  built in microphone and a camera with the itouch succeeder. Although, the screen graphics are excellent Apple really needs to boost the built in speaker because right now it is pretty lit's not living up to it's potential.

What also is good about the revolutionary touch screen is that most touch screen are pressure sensitive, but the iPod touch is heat sensitive. Have you noticed that you can't do anything without your skin touching the screen? And don't make me mention the memory space, iPod touch contains memory of 8GB, 32GB and 64GB.That's enough to hold all your music, pictures, videos and application.No more deleting and resaving' just save it and never worry about it again.

You can access your check your emails, the latest news updates, take notes, search the world wide web (www) on the go, and play games and take pic's. Yes that's right you can play game. You can buy them at the App Store, most games are free too. There are over a 100,000 apps. Do you ever get annoyed when your talking to someone and five minutes into the conversation you realize they are on their iTouch playing games. In this case the " If you can't be them, join them" quote actually is a good thing. With technology advancing so quickly around us, you need to keep up.So get your eyes off the computer and head to the stores. I'm not trying to promote you anything or force you to buy something but if it's working then yes I am. Trust me Apple, is not paying me crap to do this.

Now the iTouch has had it's ups and downs, but whenever it's in one of those downs it's rival device Zune HD is ready to take it's place. The Zune HD created by Microsoft is not nearly as popular as the iTouch, but it's getting there. Between it's partnership with the Xbox 360 and it's very similar design, Apple always has to be on the lookout.The Apple vs Microsoft rivalry is nothing new to us and the hi tech world. But personally I don't think Apple has anything to worry about this time around because I didn't know about the Zune HD until a friend told me. So Microsoft better keep trying because I think this one is another FAIL!