The Future of The Xbox, Today

Us at Turbo Exp have decided to start informing you about the latest ideas coming out for the Playstation, Nintendo consoles, and Xbox. Today we are informing you on the latest Xbox news. So many rumors have come and gone about the future of the Xbox. Things like motion capture technology, a portable system, and a  new home console have spread tremendously. But do you know if it's true? Lets get thing started with the

Xbox Portable (Also known as Xbox 180).
The Xbox 180 is a very anticipated hanheld console. With the iTouch and all sorts of new handhelds coming out Microsoft is starting to rethink their Xbox Portable ideas. The original plan was to make a PSP like device with the Xbox buttons and color scheme. Now with the evolution of gaming going on and gaming going into a 3D and motion sensing world, the Xbox 180 will be put on hold. Of course if the 180 does coming out it will probably run on Xbox Live just like the PSP runs on Playstation Network. The device will also have bluetooth and capability with the Xbox 360 like the PSP has PS3 capability.Just imagine playing Modern Warfare at the restaurant or at school.The original concepts of the 180 did not satisfy Xbox users so the console was canceled until further notice.

The Xbox 720 is a
 more unknown console. Not much information has been released on console because Microsoft isn't expected
 to release a new console until around 2015. Microsoft has released some cool futuristic concept designs but they aren't official.According to Microsoft EMEA (European, Middle East, and Africa) vice president Chris Lewis: “The consumer won’t let you [rest on your laurels], the developers certainly won’t let us. So that’s happening right
 now. You’ll see more [on a new Xbox] over time…
 certainly we’re not talking about the next version yet. So give us a chance to catch a breath, will you?” Xbox 720 will also run on Xbox Live. It will hopefully have Blueray capability and HD graphics perhaps better then the Xbox 360. It may also have a built in motion sensor and 3D gaming.
The most recent and unrumored addition to the uture of the Xbox is the well known Project Natal. Project Natal is the reason why Microsoft won't be making any new Xboxes soon. Instead they will just be upgrading the current Xbox 360 to it's maximum potential. Microsoft has already released a full list of all of Project Natal's games. In case you don't know yet Project Natal will be a motion sensor bar that is a plugin to the Xbox 360 and doesn't require a remote but just sences your bodies movement instead. It will be released sometime later this year and will be competing against Sony's Playstation Move. People are complaining that Project Natal has been in production for a long time and that the Playstation Move was a "rushed Wii HD".
The Xbox has a bright future, and be glad Turbo Exp helped you view it today.