Review: A Popular 80's Action Series Returns In The A-Team

I must admit, I was never very excited for the A-Team to come out. but I guess I was wrong, because the A-Team brings together an outstanding cast, action, captivating plot, and comedy all together in probably the best TV show movie adaption ever made, and the first big blockbuster of this summer.
 The A-Team shows us the story of four military members, who have been discharged from the army. Two of them; Face (Bradley Cooper) and Hannibal (Liam Nesson) have been trying to fight illegal Mexicans on their own even though that's really the military's job. Soon they meet Basco (Rampage Jackson) who too is revealed to have once been a member of the military.

After running away from the terrorists, they soon discover how great it would be if they formed a team. They realize that they need a pilot though, so they look for Murdock (Sharlto Copley) who is currently attending a mental hospital.

The cast did pretty well in their respective roles. Liam Neeson did a spot on job portraying Hannibal, and he nailed it. Sharlto Copley also did a great job as Murdock, which is no surprise after his performance in District 9 last year.
Bradley Cooper did an okay job as Face, but I really didn't find him that funny, but at least he wasn't annoying. I was kind of disappointed with Jackson's take on B.A. in comparison the the original Mr. T version if the character. I'm not saying he was bad, but he just didn't really fit Mr. T shoes very well.
Jessica Beil played Face's ex-girlfriend, who is now a military lieutenant who isn't to fond of the A-Team. She really did a good job in the role, and the relationship between her and Face was made very clear.
Patrick Wilson played FBI agent Lynch (Which is really just a code name) and he does a great job portraying a sort of air head villain, who really isn't very evil or anything.
the plot is pretty interesting, but it can get boring and confusing towards the middle. But it eventually picks up for an action  packed ending. I didn't like how the movie skipped by years, for example you can be watching a scene and then a subtitle will tell you 'Five years later' and then the next scene will tell you 'Seven years later' and so on and so forth.

I give The A-Team 3.5 Stars Out of 5