Iron Man Returns For An Outstanding Sequel In Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 was released May 7 and if it was up to me, I would have been the first one in line to see it. But I never would have predicted an Iron Man 2 in the first place. If you payed attention to the end of the first movie and the end of Incredible Hulk where Robert Downey Jr. makes a cameo as Tony Stark you would think the next film would be putting all this guys together and making them The Avengers. But when this magazine on the right announced Iron Man 2 was in production I thought "What  else could they do"? Well that question was answered in Iron Man 2. Who would have thought there was so much untold story to be heard.
Many predictions were made about the plot of the movie but none were actually proven. One was that the original Iron Man video game which went beyond the movie introducing new villain would be the opening of the second movie.
The Stealth Ops Iron Man Action Figure (War Machine)
 Another was the original Iron Man's toyline had Titanium Man (one of Iron Man's villains in the comics) and a Walmart exclusive had an Iron man armor known as Stealth Ops Iron Man which had a striking resemblance to Iron Man's sidekick War Machine. So yes there really was no surprise that there was an Iron Man 2, unless your me. I thought the first movie was just leading into Avengers but I guess I was wrong. Rumors have already began to spread of Iron Man 3 and this time I'm believing every last word of it. My biggest shocker from the second movie was Don Cheadle replacing Terence Howard (due to some contract issues) as War Machine. I was really looking forward to seeing Howard in the War Machine suit.