A Whole Lot Of Slams And Bams On ABC

ABC has released their new summer line up which consist of two gameshows, a familiar one and a new release. The classic Wipeout will be returning with new coarses and of course new contestants, but the new show Downfall is going to be an evolution in gameshows. The show consists of a contestant being asked trivia questions and if they answer incorrect the fall of a sky scraper. Talk about pressure. Contestants stand on top of a 10-story building in downtown Los Angeles. They are joined by Chris Jericho along with the "largest conveyor belt ever seen on TV".The belt holds replicas of all the cash and prizes - including new cars and trips to Paris- that the contestants stand to win.

The game consists of seven timed rounds during which players attempt to answer category-based trivia questions as they watch their potential winnings move along the belt.Each contestant must correctly answer the questions as quickly as possible before the cash and prizes fall off the building. The money is the final item on the belt, and ranges from five-thousand to one million dollars.If it falls the player loses and the game is over.After each round, players can choose to keep what they have won, or continue to the next round. The final round, worth one million dollars, features the contestant sitting on the belt with the money and having to correctly answer all the questions before falling off the edge.

If contestants cannot answer a question, they can either "surrender a personal possession" or get help from a friend or family member. By getting help, the personal item or friend is placed on the belt and put at risk of falling off the building if the contestant fails to answer the questions in the round's allotted time. Wipeout and Downfall are definetly two shows you can't miss this summer.