Review: The Vampire Spoof That Sucked Big Time, Litterally

Vampires Suck tried to spoof Twilight, and failed in epic proportions. If you hate Twilight and think that you'll like this movie because it makes fun of it, you're wrong. Instead you might hate this more than the entire Twilight Saga combined.

The Inception Ending Explained

The end of Inception was probably one of the biggest movie cliffhangers yet. Now if you haven't had a friend or annoying cousin ruin it for you yet then I suggest you don't read this. Now if you have seen Inception then we have a treat for you. The guys over at Screen Rant have found some clues that may answer you questions on Inception's ending.

Review: Enter the Captivating World Of The Dream In Inception

Where to begin with a movie like Inception. Well for one thing it's worth pointing out that it's easily the best film of this year so far, and makes every other movie that's come out this summer pretty much look like crap. Inception has action, drama, romance, tragedy, a deeply complex plot, and most importantly, dreams. If you can say that about any other movie that's come out this year then please enlighten me, cause in my opinion no other film has even come up to par with those standards. Christopher Nolan (Director of The Dark Knight, Prestige, Memento, and Batman Begins) never fails to impress and has done it again. But what makes this movie so great? Read below to find out.

New Curious George Movie On The Way

It’s been over seven decades since the character of Curious George first appeared in the book by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey. Over the years there have been many books featuring the popular primate, as well as films, TV shows, video games and even theme park attractions.

24 Frames reports that Illumination Entertainment (who recently had massive critical and financial success with Despicable Me ) are developing Curious George in hopes that it will click with audiences in ways that the 2006 film failed to.

Review: The Other Guys Gives You A Good Laugh, But Does It Go To Far?

This year really hasn't had any "Laugh out loud" comedies, but while The Other Guys might not be IT, it's by far the closest you'll get this year. Trust me, you won't leave the movie with at least having one laugh, but really does the movie try to hard to be this years biggest comedy?

Start Dates And More For The Spider-Man Reboot And Men In Black 3

Regardless of how you feel about Marc Webb’s untitled Spider-Man Reboot or Men in Black 3, there’s no turning back now both films are scheduled to start filming later this year. Men in Black 3 will begin shooting in New York this September and the Spider-Man Reboot will go before cameras in December… in Los Angeles.

Aaron Johnson As Cyclops Isn't Happening

MovieWeb had a chance to speak with producer Tarquin Pack on the upcoming  X-Men: First Class. But he makes it sound like Aaron Johnson isn't going to have anything to do with the film, most notably a fan favorite to play Cyclops the leader of the X-Men.

New Actor Playing Robin In Batman 3, The New Human Torch, And More? (Updated)

Acording to Internet Movie Data Base, an unknown actor by the name of Cody Sousa has been cast as Robin/Dick Grayson in Batman 3, and Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot Fantastic Four Reborn. He has also been cast into the films World War Z, Shazam!, Johnny Quest, King Dork, and A Nightmare on Elm Street 2.

The Avengers Teaser Trailer And Logo Revealed

The offical Avengers movie poster was released along with it's teaser trailer. As you may know the whole Avengers cast was assembled on stage at this years Comic-Con. They all added you editions such as Mark Ruffalo replaceing Ed Norton as the Hullk, and Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye. Other then that it's pretty much just Robert Downey Jr( Iron Man), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Don Cheadle (War Machine), and Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson).

The Social Network Trailer Shows The Story Of Being Truly Power Hungry

The Social Network stars Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. It follows how Zuckerberg went from being a Harvard undergrad in 2003 to the youngest billionaire in history just six years later, because that’s where things get interesting.