Aaron Johnson As Cyclops Isn't Happening

MovieWeb had a chance to speak with producer Tarquin Pack on the upcoming  X-Men: First Class. But he makes it sound like Aaron Johnson isn't going to have anything to do with the film, most notably a fan favorite to play Cyclops the leader of the X-Men.

Many people were disappointed with the character of Cyclops in the X-Men trilogy, mostly because he didn't take charge like he did in the comics. In the movies he was really just a quite guy who found himself stammering quick witted remarks at Wolverine here and their while showing small signs of jealousy at Wolverine and Jean Grey's relationship.

Now fans were hoping Aaron Johnson could change that with playing the "true' leader of the X-Men. During the topic of casting for First Class was brought up, Pack cleared the rumor that Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), wouldn't be playing the central role of Cyclops/Scott Summers in the movie.

The thought of a proper onscreen version of Cyclops has been a titillating hook for X-Men: First Class – however, according to Pack, it won’t be Johnson who attempts to do the character justice: “…Don’t believe everything you read in the papers about Aaron, unfortunately. Aaron’s kind of busy, yeah.”

I hope he's not to busy cause I would really like to see him as Robin in a Teen Titans movie or an upcoming Batman movie or something. Anyway, my second choice for Cyclops would have to be Josh Hutcherson. I really wanted to see him as Spidey but Cyclops is good too. Although I can't see him leading the X-Men, I can see him shooting blasts from his eyes.

Here is the X-Men First Class cast so far:

James McAvoy – Professor X

Michael Fassbender – Magneto

Kevin Bacon – Undisclosed villain

Rosamund Pike – Moira MacTaggert

Alice Eve – Emma Frost

Nicholas Hoult – Beast

Caleb Landry Jones – Banshee

Lucas Till – Havok

Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique

Edi Gathegi – Darwin

That still leaves the top two young X-Men – Cyclops and Jean Grey – in question. As any X-Men fan will tell you, a lot (a whole lot) of First Class‘ credibility hinges on who the filmmakers cast in those two pivotal roles. Johnson would’ve brought some major cred to to the table, in that respect.

What do you guys think about Aaron Johnson not playing Cyclops in X-Men: First Class? Can you suggest another actor that could handle playing the X-Men’s leading man, or do you agree with me about Hutcherson?