New Curious George Movie On The Way

It’s been over seven decades since the character of Curious George first appeared in the book by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey. Over the years there have been many books featuring the popular primate, as well as films, TV shows, video games and even theme park attractions.

24 Frames reports that Illumination Entertainment (who recently had massive critical and financial success with Despicable Me ) are developing Curious George in hopes that it will click with audiences in ways that the 2006 film failed to.

The script for the new Curious George will be written by Larry Stuckey, who wrote the upcoming Little Fockers, the third film in the successful Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers series. That’s not exactly something to boast about and certainly not encouraging for those wanting a quality Curious George film.

Now I'm not saying the first film was bad, but the grossing and critics sure thought so. So even if you get a star like Will Ferrell to voice the man in the yellow hat, things still might not work out. Not much is known about the story other then it's about a crazy monkey (curious not crazy) who is taken out of the jungle by an explorer to live in the city, where mischief always seems to find him.

I don't know how the film will be (and it's WAY to soon to tell), but using the phrase "From the creators of Despicable Me" should be enough, to reel families in.  But using the phrase "staring Will Ferrell" wasn't enough