Review: The Other Guys Gives You A Good Laugh, But Does It Go To Far?

This year really hasn't had any "Laugh out loud" comedies, but while The Other Guys might not be IT, it's by far the closest you'll get this year. Trust me, you won't leave the movie with at least having one laugh, but really does the movie try to hard to be this years biggest comedy?

Mark Wahlberg  is actually funnier than Will Ferrell in the movie, and that's not something you expect. There's a ton of funny parts in the movie, but some are over done and get annoying (Mostly by Ferrell).

Then, there's the plot. I wasn't to fond of it considering the fact that it's basically just a ponze scheme, and that really doesn't involve much fighting. The plot can actually get boring and confusing at times, especially towards the middle, but it manages to pick up by the end with some actual action.

Steve Coogan plays a decent villain, but really isn't to funny and is really out shadowed by Wahlberg and Ferrell throughout the entire movie. He really doesn't make you laugh once, and plays a sort of flat personality lacking villain (If that's what you even want to call him).

I must say that I  disagree with the PG-13 rating. They definetly crossed the border line from PG-13 to R, with lot of language and sexual references. Some parts might make your jaw drop thinking, "Are they even aloud to say that?".

But over all, The Other Guys is one of the best laughs you'll get this year, and by far a "Must catch" summer film.
I give The Other Guys 3.5 out of 5 stars: