Review: Red Gives Us One Last Taste Of Action Before The Summer Movie Season Ends

As we all know, the summer movie season has pretty much come to a close, and as many movies are coming out later this year, we'll all miss those jaw dropping fun films. Well, just right before we say our farewells, there's just one more block buster left to catch, and that block buster is Red.

The story follows a ex-CIA agent, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), who is currently Red (Retired, Extremely Dangerous). After Frank keeps making calls to a pention office, because he likes the girl on the other line, the CIA finds out and wants to kill them both.
So Frank kidnaps Sarah Ross (Mary Louise-Parker), the girl he's been talking to. Ross eventually begins to help Moses and they find a list of people to kill, and everyone on the list except for one, is dead. That one is Ivan Simonov (Brian Cox), who is really an old friend of the group. 
So in order to protect Sarah and himself, he meets with other old friends including Marvin (John Malkovich), Joe (Morgan Freeman), and Victoria (Helen Mirren.
Mary Louise-Parker, Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich in 'RED'
They all try to find out why these people are being killed, and what the want from Moses even though he's already retired.
Bruce Willis does a pretty good job in the title role, and Mary Louise-Parker does a terrific job given her character wit and personality, unlike Cameron Diaz did Knight and Day.
John Malkovich and Helen Mirren do a terrific job in their repective roles. Both give their characters so much deph and personality, and can be very humorous at times. I must say, I was very impressed by their performances and wouldn't have minded seeing Malkovich as Vulture in Spider-Man 4, or Mirren as Aunt May in the Spider-Man reboot.
Karl Urban does a pretty good job portraying his villain, but really isn't special. His character just reminds me too much of Jon Hamm's character in The Town, and quite frankly, I though Hamm did better.
The movie definetly starts out slow, and you begin to question whether you just wasted your money, but that doesn't last very long, and by the ending the action is at full speed. in comparison to team movies like A-Team, and spy romances like Knight and Day this year, Red does a great job at not disappointing.

A fantastic story, that follows the DC comic books, it can really get confusing at times what's reallly going on. And for the entire first half of the movie, there's to much talk and not enough action. So of these talks even leave you bored and confused for awhile.

But when the action scenes do come around, they seize to disappoint. With the terrific camera zooms, slow motion, and explosives, each action scene will leave you in awe. While the rest of the cast really has more shooting scenes and not hand to hand combat, when Bruce Willis has his good old fashoin fights, you can't help but smile.
While Red is no Inception or The Town, it still delivers that one last movie you need to see before the summer block busters go bye bye.

I give Red 4 stars out of 5:

What did youn think of Red?