Review: The Vampire Spoof That Sucked Big Time, Litterally

Vampires Suck tried to spoof Twilight, and failed in epic proportions. If you hate Twilight and think that you'll like this movie because it makes fun of it, you're wrong. Instead you might hate this more than the entire Twilight Saga combined.

When I went to the theaters this weekend I was planing on seeing Inception, but then I saw there was a movie called Vampires Suck which was a comedic spoof, so I thought "What the heck?" and convinced my family and two cousins to watch it with me. That was my first mistake. As we're are inside we noticed there weren't many people siting to watch the movie on opening weekend, that was a sign.

This movie had to be the WORST movie I have seen this year. It was not because I'm a man, or dislike Twilight (Which I have nothing against), it is because it was one of thoughts movies that try to pull of a stupid humor, which is very hard to master in movies. I will admit there were some funny scenes scattered across the movie.

Now the acting, where do I begin, horrible, terrible, unacceptable in Hollywood, period. The movie should have not even been made or at least not put in theaters. It is no surprise that Jenn Proske (Becca Crane) has only done one movie in her life which is Vampire Suck. 

Then there was Matt Lanter who played Edward Cullen. Matt has only done five movies, several voices, and a few video game voices. His acting was by far not the best acting I have seen. I am not going to even bother reviewing any more actors in the movie because it is unworthy. 

The movie did not have a such a high budget so it had to get new and upcoming actors but unfortunately not the best actors, directors and sets. The movie only made 16,000,000 dollars more then its 20,000,000 droller budget. 
If there is two things I learned is one; always search the movie and read what other people thought of it, and two; Vampires Suck.

I give Vampires Suck a 1 And 1/2 out of 5 star rating:

What Did You Think About Vampires Suck If You Saw It?