Start Dates And More For The Spider-Man Reboot And Men In Black 3

Regardless of how you feel about Marc Webb’s untitled Spider-Man Reboot or Men in Black 3, there’s no turning back now both films are scheduled to start filming later this year. Men in Black 3 will begin shooting in New York this September and the Spider-Man Reboot will go before cameras in December… in Los Angeles.

The biggest shock to me was the Spidey reboot not staying true to it's New York location. Although LA has stood in for the Big Apple on numerous occasions in other films, it still strikes me as a strange choice. Sam Raimi did film parts of the past Spider-Man trilogy in other cities such as Chicago, but I don't recall him filming anywhere near LA (And I sat through all of the behind the scenes of Spider-Man 2).
Perhaps the choice was made because Webb wants he's new film to look visually different then Raimi's films. It's only a matter of time before we get news on the rest of the casting, and of course the plot.

Unlike Spider-Man, the Men In Black are staying true to their roots filming in New York. It sounds like the majority of the film will take place in 1969 thanks to a time traveling adversary (Jemaine Clement) who forces Jay to follow him into the past and team up with a younger version of Kay (possibly played by Josh Brolin). Barry Sonnenfeld will direct with a script by David Koepp. Most people enjoyed the first film, but not so much the second.

We’ll find out soon enough. Men in Black 3 hits theaters on May 25, 2012 and the Spider-Man reboot follows on July 3rd, 2012.