The Latest On Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon [Updated]

New information has been released on Disney XD's latest Spider-Man cartoon. Will this new series be a decent replacement for Spectacular Spider-Man, or just another failed attempt.

Review: Red Gives Us One Last Taste Of Action Before The Summer Movie Season Ends

As we all know, the summer movie season has pretty much come to a close, and as many movies are coming out later this year, we'll all miss those jaw dropping fun films. Well, just right before we say our farewells, there's just one more block buster left to catch, and that block buster is Red.

Review: The Social Network Shows Us The Truth Behind Facebook

Who would've thought there was so much drama behind the most popular social networking site in the world? David Fincher teaches us the troubles that come with power and fame with an outstanding cast including Jesse Eisenberg from Adventureland and Zombieland, our future Spider-Man Andrew Garfield, and music star Justin Timberlake.