The Latest On Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon [Updated]

New information has been released on Disney XD's latest Spider-Man cartoon. Will this new series be a decent replacement for Spectacular Spider-Man, or just another failed attempt.

This new Disney XD cartoon is the second of many cartoons made by Disney and Marvel. Most of us have already seen Disney XD's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and I can say it was a very impressive and intriguing show that can rival that of DC's previous Justice League series on Cartoon Network. The show will be based on the comics of the same name. Rumors had been circulating that the show's cast would include Fred Savage (Wonder Years) as Harry Osborn, Jane Lynch (Glee) as Aunt May, and Vincent Martella (Phineas and Ferb) as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Though now the actual cast has been announced, with Drake Bell (Superhero Movie, Drake And Josh) headlining as the  lead of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The show will also have much more ties with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and S.H.I.E.L.D., due to the fact that there aren't any legal restrictions like there are with the films. The show will have Clark Gregg reprising his role of Agent Coulson, J.K. Simmons will reprising his role as J. Jonah Jameson, and Chi McBride as Nick Fury. Stan Lee will also have his own part as a school janitor, and Adrian Pasdar will once again play Tony Stark as he does on the new G4 Iron Man anime.

And here's the Comic Con trailer for the show:
I still wonder if they will go with that old concept art for Spectacular Spider-Man.

Here's an interview with producer Cort Lane who previews what fans can expect from the show:

SUPERHERO TOONIVERSE: What can you tell me about the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series??

CORT LANE: It is very much inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book, but we didn’t just want to replicate those stories. We have new stories to tell and new characters to bring into that universe. But I will say that Brian Michael Bendis is involved with breaking the stories and the characters with us, and we’re also very lucky to have Mr. Paul Dini involved, so we have a lot of strength on this project. We want this to be the best and most dynamic and exciting Spidey series ever.

SUPERHERO TOONIVERSE: In your mind what is different about this show?

CORT LANE: It stands apart in that we’re very clear on delivering really great Spidey stories. If there’s continuity that works for kids and works for this universe that we’re creating here, that work from classic Spidey comics, that’s great, but we don’t have to be tied to continuity or ideas that don’t work. That’s one of the things that’s freeing about the Ultimate Spider-Man universe. Another thing that’s really sexy about the show is that because this is under Marvel’s domain, we are able to explore the link he has with the rest of the Marvel universe, so other Marvel heroes appear in it and are interacting with him. That kind of interaction has become a real cornerstone of the regular Marvel comics with Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man over the past few years, and that interaction is funny, it’s interesting, it creates conflict, humor, and we’re able to do that here. It reveals more about Spidey than focus on the other characters, but it’s also really great just to see that.

SUPERHERO TOONIVERSE: For the fans this must be great…

CORT LANE: We haven’t been able to do this in the movies or in the last two shows; kids have never seen Spidey interacting with these other characters. The license Sony had for animation was limited, but this is a MARVEL show. I agree with the fans, they were sad to see Spectacular Spider-Man end, they wanted it to continue – but it was sad for Marvel because it wasn’t our show. We had nothing to do with the decision not to move forward with more episodes.

SUPERHERO TOONIVERSE: It’s well known that to keep the live action franchise, there always has to be something happening in terms of production at Sony. But the cancellation of Spectacular Spider-Man seemed to clear the way for you guys to do this show.

CORT LANE: Since they weren’t doing anymore Spider-Man animations, we wanted it back and we wanted to be able to do something with it that we thought would be bigger, better and more fun to do.
So as we can see Lane wants to see some crossovers. Well that doesn't mind me. My main question is how this show will tie in with Marc Webb's reboot. What do you all think of the series so far?