New Transformers Animated Series 'Transformers Prime' Set To Premiere On The Hub

This is a new TV series called Transformers Prime which is based on the novel Transformers Exodus and the video game War for Cybertron. The show Transformers Prime leads up to the Transformer: Dark of the Moon movie coming out in next year. The show will be premiering on the all new TV channel The Hub formerly known as Discovery Kid.

The story of the show is, that the Prime team lives on the earth to protect it from the Decepticons attacks . The Prime team makes an alliance with three teens that help Team Prime against Megatron's return.
Above is the poster of the the TV show. The first showing was on Friday November 26, but it was originally planed to be tomorrow, November 29. On Friday the first two episodes were shown.
Today there will be a five part mini series at 5/6c, so if you have a chance to see it tell us what you though of Transformers Prime.

Here are some images of the Transformers in the show:







Optimus Prime
 What did you think of Transformers Prime's pilot?