First Details And Pics Of Captian America: The First Avenger

Here are the first pictures of Captian America: The First Avenger, along with key details on the plot.

•The First Avenger will open and close with Cap being frozen in ice; the WWII origin story will fit in between.
•As rumored, Cap’s classic comic book costume will appear in the movie (wings and all) as part of a humorous scene where Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is used as a propaganda tool at a USO show.

•Rogers hates the USO gig and goes to see Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s dad) to have a more official battlesuit created.

•The Red Skull will be Hitler’s head of advanced weaponry and will seek a cosmic cube to harness its mystical powers for evil. The cube will be known as “The Tesseract.”

•To help the movie play better across the pond, it may simply go by the title of The First Avenger.

The main problem with us comic fans is, we don't know how the Avengers orgins will work in Marvel's film universe. We do know in the actual comics Ant-Man and Wasp are included, but not in the film adaption.
So what do you think of The First Avenger so far?