The Latest From Green Lantern Movie: Including An Official Trailer

Well it's true, the first Green Lantern trailer has hit the web. Whether your still getting over Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan instead of the Flash, or the fact that the costume and mask will be CGI, or even with the studio not going with Kyle Rayner, it all comes down to this one trailer.

Personally it gives me a sort of Iron Man vibe, comparing the style of the movie and Downey and Reynolds bringing humor to less comedic characters. I was all for Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, but I've got no problem with Reynolds. As long as he can still do his Deadpool movie of course.

Here's the first official Green Lantern trailer featuring Kilowog, Sinestro, the planet Oa, Abin Sur, and much more: 

We can obviously see the movies not going to be as dark and gritty as Chris Nolan's Batman films, and Reynolds performance is nothing like Christian Bale's, but could it still work?
Here's an old fan-made trailer with Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.
What do you think of the Green Lantern trailer?