Martin Sheen Set As New Uncle Ben In The Spider-Man Reboot

Reportedly Martin Sheen the father of Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez is in final negotiations with Sony to portray Uncle Ben in Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot. Now the question remains, who will play Aunt May?
Most fans know that Uncle Ben is the uncle of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Ben and May practically raise Peter, since both of his parents are dead. Ben is eventually killed by a robber, which inspires Peter to use his powers to fight for justice as Spider-Man.

Sam Raimi's films went over the orgins of Spider-Man and the death of Uncle Ben, but most fans believe it's unnecessary in the reboot.

If this is true, maybe Webb will just show the death of Ben in a flash back, or in an opening sequence. Also the question still stands about who will play Aunt May, the true guardian of Peter after Ben's death. Red's Helen Mirren is a fan favorite, as well as Betty White.

What do you think of Sheen as Uncle Ben? Who do you think would make a good Aunt May?