Will There Be No More Bond...

The next James Bond or 007 movie has been postponed due to financial issues, and the fact that the script has not been finished yet. Will Bond 23 ever come to be?
It's is Disapointing that the 007 series has made over 11 billion dollars to date and MGM state that there is no money. So I say that there is no excuse for Bond 23 not be made or delayed because of the problems that MGM has. The latest bond flick (Quantum of Solace) was not so hot and it only produced 161 million dollars compared to Casino Royal which grossed 164 million dollars. While that sounds like a lot, Avatar alone grossed over 601 million in just 42 days more than both movies combined.       


It does not help that a bunch of cars are totaled in every Bond movie. I mean cars have to be destroyed to make a good action film. But with so many finacial problems, it's a bit risky. The cars are crashed in every bond movie, because they are high budget movies and the cars are sometimes donated for advertisement in the movie.

The 22  at the top right corner Stands for the 22nd Bond Movie.

There are rumors surfacing that Bond 23 will start filming sometime next year. I hope that is true because I'm a big bond fan. For the bond movie to start filming next year they're gonna need some lenders to lend money for production. Because of this, Spyglass will be taking over control of the studio. So lets hope that we will see Bond 23 in the near future.  

Are you looking forward to another Bond flick in the future?