Biggest Movie News of 2010

We've already done our top movies of 2010, now it's time to take a look at the top and biggest movie news of 2010, including castings, director choices, and complete shockers.

Editorial: Turbo-Exp's Top 10 Best Movies Of 2010

As the year comes to a close, we at Turbo-Exp have decided to take a look back at the best movies of 2010. While there may have been quite a few disappointments this year, there were also some truly memorable and compelling films brought to us by some of the finest directors, screenwriters, and actors working in the business today. I've put together my personal list of the top films 2010 brought us, but keep in mind that I haven't seen EVERY movie this year, so if one of your favorites is left feel free to share with us in the comments section.

Review: Can Chris Pine And Denzel Washington Stop The 'Unstoppable'?

When you see Denzel Washington and a train, you automatically think of 2009's The Taking of Pelham 123. But Tony Scott's new film Unstoppable is anything but Pelham 123, showcasing an exciting story of a catastrophic train, and the everyday heroes who risk their lives to stop it. But can Tony Scott manage to turn what seems to be just another boring train movie into an over the top drama?

Here's This Weekends Top Box Office Films

Tron: Legacy was this weekends top box office movie, which made over $43 million opening day which places it in 13th place right behind Alvin and the Chipmunks. Tron: legacy made $127 million this weekend the highest this month so far.

Could This Be The Spider-Man Reboot Plot?

A forum member claims to know the plot of the all new Spider-Man reboot. While it may not be a very reliable source, it's pretty lengthy and professional to have been done by a random bored forum member. It seems to connect all the news we've learned so far, and even Norman Osborn. Take a look at it and see for yourself.:

Review: Does Tron Legacy Live Up To It's Twenty Year Old Hype?

As most of you movie goers may know, we've got tons of choices for films this Winter break. But I had my mind set on Disney's new Tron Legacy, the sequel to 1982's Tron. Here's my review on Disney's technological masterpiece.

Cars 2: Around the World; Story, Characters, Trailers, Cast, and More...

Cars 2 is on its way and hits theaters June 24 ,2011. Origannly planned for a 2012 release, looks like were getting the sequel to the classic Disney-Pixar film sooner than expected. Is this good or bad? I guess we'll have to find out. The picture above is the Cars 2 Official logo. Below there are Trailers, movie pics, and most of the story plot.

Golden Globe Nomines For 2011 And My Choices

Here are the Golden Globe nominees for 2011, along with my choices for winners.

Fan-Cast: Who Should Play Harry Osborn In The Spider-Man Reboot

The Spider-Man reboot cast is shaping up great with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, and Sally Fields all set to star, but one very important character has yet to be cast, Peter Parker's best friend Harry Osborn. Previously played by James Franco in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films, it makes you wonder who Marc Webb will cast in the role, or if he will even be in the film at all. I have some suggestions of my own for the next Harry Osborn.

New Spider-Man Reboot News; Including New Castings And First Look At Emma Stone As Gwen

Well first off what we already knew about the Spider-Man reboot was that Andrew Garfield is playing Peter Parker, Emma Stone is playing Gwen Stacy, Martin Sheen is playing Uncle Ben, Sally Field is playing Aunt May, and Rhy's Ifans is playing Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard. Now tons of castings and rumors have been unleashed as the film nears shooting later this month.

The Official Thor Trailer Strikes

The all new OFFICIAL Thor trailer has finally been released. After some footage from Comic Con was leaked and called back due to copyright, we now finally have an official polished trailer. Thor will be squaring off with Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern next Spring, and it seems their trailers will be squaring off too. I'm disappointed that Donald Blake (The alter ego of Thor in the comics) will not be in the film.

The original story of Thor is that his father Odin vanishes him from the kingdom of Asgard and traps him in the body of a handicap human doctor known as Donald Blake on Earth for punishment, with know memories that he was ever a god. On Earth he falls in love with Jane Foster, a fellow doctor. Later on, he discovers his hammer Mjolnir in a cave and when he holds it he posses the power of 'The Mighty Thor'. He can then  freely change from human to god, in the case of danger by tapping his cane against the ground.

The film will follow a similar story, but Thor will just be sent to Earth in his regular god body but without his hammer and powers. He will still fall in love with Jane Foster (Played by Natalie Portman), but will have memory of his god days. The infamous Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, will also be featured in the film. For those who don't know, he is the villainous (Innocent seeming to Odin) adopted brother of Thor, and his arch nemesis.

Here is an all new teaser poster:
And here's the official Thor trailer:
Thor will star Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. I'm sure will see cameos from other Avengers such as Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and Clark Gregg as agent Coulson.

What did you think of the Thor trailer? Did you like it better than the Green Lantern trailer?

Will The New 007 Installment Finally Come To Be In 2012?

The news that every Bond fan has been waiting for; is it canceled or possibly continued? Well we have the official answer as whether MGM money troubles have put the new Bond film on halt.

Christopher Nolan Is No Longer Involved With The Man Of Steel (Updated)

Its seems that Christopher Nolan will be leaving Man Of Steel in the hands of Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. to put his full focus on The Dark Knight Rises. But will the movie go down hill without Nolan's influence.

While some fans might be worried about the future of the new attempt at rebooting Superman, fans can rest assure that now that Nolan is putting his full time and effort into The Dark Knight Rises, it will be a great film. But even though Nolan is no longer involved with the film, Hans Zimmer who usually works with Nolan on his projects, is still set to compose the score for Superman. Zimmer is a fantastic choice, but this might mean we won't here the original classic theme by John Williams from the 70's in the Man of Steel.
Hitfix interviewed Nolan's wife, Emma Thomas, on the subject. Here's Hitfix writer Gregory Ellwood's explanation on Nolan's departure:

Thomas said Nolan is so single minded when making a picture it’s hard to get him to work on anything else. And she made it clear that in the case of “Superman,” Nolan and David Goyer just had an idea they couldn’t believe wasn’t being explored by Warner Bros. And with Zack Snyder now on board as director, Nolan will be busy making “The Dark Knight Rises” and “we are handing it off to him.” So, take note anyone out there thinking this will be a strange Nolan/Snyder partnership. Thomas reiterated that they brought it to an appropriate screenplay and it’s now Snyder’s picture.

Now don't just give up on the Man of Steel, they still have all of their whole cast to assemble and Zack Snyder is still at the helm of it all. Christopher Nolan did help with the beginning of the project, so hopefully we will see some of his past ideas on the big screen. But Nolan is THE Batman director, and I don't mind whatever he has to do to continue making good Dark Knight films.

What are your thoughts on Nolan's departure?

Heath Ledger's Joker Could Be In The Dark Knight Rises

According to Showbiz Boy, there are reports saying that using a variety of cut scenes and CGI technology, The Joker my return for Batman 3. Could this be the best way to connect the two movies, or a recipe for fan base disaster.