Cars 2: Around the World; Story, Characters, Trailers, Cast, and More...

Cars 2 is on its way and hits theaters June 24 ,2011. Origannly planned for a 2012 release, looks like were getting the sequel to the classic Disney-Pixar film sooner than expected. Is this good or bad? I guess we'll have to find out. The picture above is the Cars 2 Official logo. Below there are Trailers, movie pics, and most of the story plot.

The two photos above are some movie pics.

his is the Cars 2 logo being revealed at

Above is the story behind Cars 2, I know it is impossible to see it so click the image and watch some Disney magic. 

This is Cars 2's newest trailer yet (Above). Also here is the teaser trailer (Below).

Credited cast:  from IMDb
Jason Isaacs -               Siddeley
Owen Wilson -              Lightning McQueen
Michael Caine -             Finn McMissile
Michael Keaton  -          Chick Hicks
Emily Mortimer -            Holley Shiftwell
John Ratzenberger -       Mack
Bonnie Hunt -                 Sally Carrera
Tony Shalhoub -             Luigi
Cheech Marin -              Ramone
Joe Mantegna -              Grem
Thomas Kretschmann -  Professor Zundapp
Jenifer Lewis -               Flo
Larry The Cable Guy-   Mater
Peter Jacobson -            Acer
Guido Quaroni -            Guido

As you can see characters like Red and Doc Hudson will not be returning for the sequel due to the passing of their respective voice actors.

Cars 2 might be the official name but I think Cars 2: Around The World fits the movie well.  This is the    Cars 2 official movie logo.

 So What Do You Think Cars 2? Hit Or Miss, You Tell Us?