Could This Be The Spider-Man Reboot Plot?

A forum member claims to know the plot of the all new Spider-Man reboot. While it may not be a very reliable source, it's pretty lengthy and professional to have been done by a random bored forum member. It seems to connect all the news we've learned so far, and even Norman Osborn. Take a look at it and see for yourself.:

Uncle Ben approaches the burglar in his home. Uncle Ben confronts him and they exchange dialogue. Ben says it was fate that brought them together. The burglar shoots Ben.

Credits Roll

Peter wakes up to his police scanner. Massacre at ESU. He investigates. Captain Stacy is introduced. Peter looks through the destruction and finds a photo of two people he recognizes. Richard and Mary Parker.

Peter has a flashback of his parents giving him to Uncle Ben as a child.

Gwen and Peter go to school. We view the different personalities of his high school.

Captain Stacy debriefs the police force about the situation that occurred earlier that day. They have a lead that the "killer" made his way to the sewer system. They load up.

Peter leaves class. Curt's wife and Billy Connors wait for him outside. They ask him if he has seen Curt. Peter promises her that he will find him.

Peter has a fight with Aunt May when he asks her questions about his parents and she doesn't reply. He let's off steam by going for a swing.

Stacy let's his man go into the Sewer system. We get an Aliens-esque scene where The Lizard takes out his men. Spider-Man gets in on the action. A battle ensues. Spidey grabs a torn piece of cloth from Lizard's back.

A man gets killed by the Lizard. Spider-Man stays for the man's last few breaths.

Flashback of Spider-Man catching Uncle Ben's killer, and letting him live. He is strung up in a warehouse. Capt. Stacy( then Detective) is awestruck by what he sees.

Spider-Man and Capt. Stacy call it a day.

Peter is at school colecting supplies and tools in order to identify the cloth's orgin (Fun scene). He eventually comes to the conclusion it's Curt Connors.

Flashback of Peter working on a regeneration report with Curt Connors. Curt explains that his project is going to change the world. The fact that he is testing on himself is implied.

Cut to Spider-Man breaking into Empire State. Grabbing Curt's experiment logs and tapes. He listens to each tape (scene is intercut with Capt. Stacy going to a crime scene where the Lizard's destruction is in every corner.)

Spidey walks down a corridor and confronts The Lizard. Another battle develops. Spider-Man makes an attempt to talk to Curt when fighting the Lizard. However, The Lizard is merciless and continues attacking.

Peter is beat down after the fight. He heads home and to bed.

Peter is talking to Gwen in the library. They have great character interaction between each other, until there are appearances by a dead Uncle Ben, Richard, and Mary Parker. His parents haunt him because they want justice for their deaths. It is all in fact a nightmare.

Gwen gets a phone call at 5 am. Peter is waiting outside and needs someone to talk to, about the nightmare. She invites him in her home.

Peter meets Captain Stacy. He was a friend of Uncle Ben's. Stacy shows a lot of interest in Peter's life. Stacy leaves the scene.

Peter browses around the kitchen. On the table is a file labelled "Richard and Mary Parker". Peter steals it. He thanks Gwen and says she helped more than she knows.

A lighthearted scene occurs when Peter calls in sick from school. The exchange of words between the "sick" Peter and the secretary is amusing.

After the call, Peter opens the file and begins reading.

Flashback to Richard and Mary Parker going over their mission. Richard Parker will sneak into the Oscorp laboratories and look for any information on the disappearance of several civillians. Mary Parker will distract the head of security, Nels Van Adder, for the time being.

Richard breaks into the facility and finds that the missing civillians are being experimented on. We have references to other villains. He gathers evidence.

Mary flirts and extracts information about Norman Osborn as she speaks with Nels Van Adder.

Richard and Mary accomplish their mission and move back to their getaway vehicle.

Nels Van Adder immediately calls Norman Osborn. He explains the situation that just occurred and we see the getaway vehicle explode entirely. Mary and Richard Parker are dead.

Peter is in utter shock. His anger is displayed and Aunt May comes to comfort him. Peter apologizes to May for his outburst earlier.

Peter realizes he cannot fix the past and listens to the formula tapes of Curt Connors as his teacher explain the lesson. Peter manages to answer the questions asked by the teacher as well as figuring out a formula for the antidote.

While his classmates work on forming a solution in class, Peter is forming the antidote.

Gwen Stacy sets the table for dinner. Captain Stacy and Gwen speak about Peter and how they both like him. He says that he has work to attend to and that he will be back in a few hours.He says goodbye to her.

Peter works on homework as he listens to his police scanner. He hears a call that matches Lizard's description. Peter suits up. Aunt May wishes him safety as he leaves his home.

The address of the call is the warehouse where Ben's killer was caught.

Scenes interlock of Captain Stacy driving to the scene of the crime, Spider-Man swinging, and Curt's wife and son watching the news.

As the huge warehouse emerges...

Flashback of Captain Stacy looking at the perp webbed by Spider-Man. This is the first time any of the officers have seen a thing so amazing. Stacy sees Spider-Man on a building watching overhead.

The officers rush into the warehouse. The final battle begins between Spider-Man and the officers against The Lizard. Plenty of bloodshed.

The warehouse begins falling apart. Captain Stacy saves one of the officers from the falling rubble. Costing his life. Spider-Man uses the antidote on Lizard. He transforms back to his human form. Spidey goes to the dying Captain and Stacy says, " You did good, kid." Gwen is calling on his cell phone, as Stacy takes his last breath. He dies in Spider-Man's arms.

The final scenes: Gwen and the officers at the funeral. Spider-Man watches from a distance. Curt's wife walking with Billy as they see Curt emerge from the beginning of the street. they run to him and embrace. "Richard and Mary's File" on the NYPD's desk. Norman Osborn waking up to his television being switched on. The news plays of the NYPD surrounding his penthouse. The police knock on his door shouting that they have a warrant for his arrest. A note on the coffee table writes, " From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man." Peter, Aunt May and Gwen help her pack some of her things. Peter notices a door leading to the attic. Hundreds of thousands of copies of unsolved case files make up the attic. All of which Spider-Man is ready to solve. We have a final swing.

Throughout the film, Peter Parker narrates and we find out what is going on in his head.

The opening credits are going to be Watchmen-esque with Spider-Man fighting petty crooks.

So my question is, where's Harry Osborn. Some of you may have seen our recest post on who should play Harry in the reboot, but there is no mention of him here. His father Norman is mentioned though, which is strange.

It also looks like they are skipping the orgins of Spidey, which is what most fans wanted.

So what do you think? Could it work? Is it real or not?