Here's This Weekends Top Box Office Films

Tron: Legacy was this weekends top box office movie, which made over $43 million opening day which places it in 13th place right behind Alvin and the Chipmunks. Tron: legacy made $127 million this weekend the highest this month so far.
In the past seven weeks, only two movies made more money than Tron in the weekends top box office.

Weekend Date         Money Made          # 1 Movie                           Week #

Dec. 17–19             $127,536,000         Tron Legacy                        51

Dec. 10–12             $84,317,830           Chronicles of Narnia 3         50

Dec. 3–5                 $78,305,638           Tangled                               49

Nov. 26–28            $171,103,030         Harry Potter 7                     48 

Nov. 19–21            $186,408,424         Harry Potter 7                     47

Nov. 12–14            $111,667,807         Megamind                           46

Nov. 5–7                $142,831,685         Megamind                           45


Also if you haven’t seen Tron: Legacy it is a must see in 3D. To get you motivated here is the Tron: Legacy official Trailer, and here's our review on it.

Hope you like it.

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