Will The New 007 Installment Finally Come To Be In 2012?

The news that every Bond fan has been waiting for; is it canceled or possibly continued? Well we have the official answer as whether MGM money troubles have put the new Bond film on halt.

 Well if your reading this than you don't already know; it is CONTINUED.

 Daniel Craig is James Bond. This will be his 3rd Bond flick.

Also Judi Dench will Reprise here role as "M".

The director for Bond 23 is Sam Mendes who has done Away We Go, Revolutionary Road, Jarhead and many more.

That is a fan poster. It Says Bond 23 because there is not a name given to the 23rd Bond.


I don't want to see that picture in the final film or the name Bond 23. I'm sure they'll come up with an interesting one soon.
Filming will start mid to late 2011, and will hit theaters in November 2012. So there is still another two years to wait.

So Do You Think That Bond 23 Will Be a Hit?