Costumes Revealed For Spider-Man And Captain America

We've got the official first picture of Andrew Garfield wearing the all new Spider-Man costume, as well as an official picture of Chris Evans in his Captain America costume for The First Avenger.

Here's is Garfield in the Spidey suit.

The suit is not what I expected at all. I was expecting a costume much more similar to the suit in the comics then the last one, but instead I got the opposite. He has a scare on his face which seems to have been done by a claw (The Lizard), and a book bag on his back (Emphasizing the 'high school' version of Spider-Man)

The costume was obviously customized so much to make it differ from Sam Raimi's costume. I also notice lumps coming out of his wrists which may mean he's wearing mechanical web shooters (Unlike in the last Spider-Man films). It's not bad, but a bit odd for me, I would have gone for something more like this:

Now to Chris Evan's Cap costume:
The costume is extremely cool to me. It definitely does it's job by making a World War 2 superhero seem realistic. The customizations to the costume were made for the better in this case, even having the wings painted on was a smart move. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing if this Red Skull art below is real, and looking forward to a Cap trailer.
Well that's all we've got. Stay tuned for a trailer of either one of these movies coming to you soon.


This is Captian America Runing in his full Suit.

What do you think of the Spider-Man and Captain America costumes?