Fan-Cast: How I Would Have Made X-Men First Class

I've put together my picks for the correct version of X-Men First Class. Here's my casting and directing choices for a Fox-Free version of the popular comic.

Professor X-Jason Isaacs
As much as I think he'd be a perfect Norman, I can definitely imagine him as a younger version of Patrick Stewart. Paul Bettany is to great of a Lex Luthor to be put in this role, But I'm sure Isaacs would be an awesome young Xavier.
Magneto-Viggo Mortensen

I really can't explain why but Viggo has just got this complete Magneto character in him. I can definitely see him as an angry vicious Magneto never wanting to give humans a chance and being traumatised by the Holocaust. He'd also me spectacular opposite Isaacs.

Cyclops-Aaron Johnson
He was once rumored for the part when we all thought that Cyclops was in the real First Class, I was excited when i heard the rumors. He was fantastic in Kick-Ass, and he was perfect as Beatles leader John Lennon in Nowhere Boy (Which proves he can play a leader).

Jean Grey- Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Winstead is just to perfect to be put in any other role other than Mary Jane, but if there's any other role he can play it's Jean. Should be fantastic opposite Johnson, and I really loved her in Scott Pilgrim. She's the only actress I know that can pull this role off.

Beast- Owain Yeoman
Yeoman's character on The Mentalist is just to similar to Hank McCoy to be ignored. I can imagine him as the intelligent yet barbaric Beast before he turns into a blue monster. I can see him always kissing up to Professor X since he's the oldest and smartest of the group.
Angel-Jamie Bell
 Now don't get me wrong, Alex Pettyfer would be an awesome Angel, but I just wanted to cast someone different than anyone else. I think Bell has the acting chops to play almost any character he wants, and one of those characters is Angel a.k.a Warren Worthington III. I think he'd be pretty good always fooling around with my Ice Man choice during the film.

Iceman-Michael Angarano
I'm actually surprised no one has mentioned this yet. Really the way I picture Iceman is very similar to Angarano. Like I said, I want to see in the film Angel and Iceman always getting themselves into trouble behind the scenes. I really liked Angarano in Sky High, and I think he can play another teen superhero again.

Director-Brad Bird
Bird already understands how to handle a superhero team in a film (The Incredibles), so why not let him do it with another popular team that needs some serious help (After what has happen to the X franchise with Fox). When Bird's done with Mission Impossible 4, he should definitely give Marvel a call.

 Jason Isaacs Actors Jason Isaacs and Viggo Mortensen attend the New York premiere of THINKFilm's "Good" at the Museum Of Jewish Heritage on December 11, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Viggo Mortensen;Jason Isaacs
We shall see how long their friendship lasts....

Oh, and I just have one more request:
Fox, please leave it to the people who respect the material. That's all I ask.

What do you think of my picks? Any suggestions?