Review: Can Seth Rogen Introduce A New Generation To The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is an amazing blend of action and comedy, that work together in harmony thanks to an outstanding cast. For any of you who doubted Seth Rogen as Britt, you were wrong.
For the record I really had no clue who The Green Hornet was until this point. So the only impression I have of the character is what I saw on the screen. And I did see the movie in 3D, which enhances the experience but may not be worth it for regular movie goers.

The story begins with Britt Reid (Rogen) and explains to us his strained relationship with his father; a newspaper company CEO. It then brings us to twenty years later, where Britt is a spoiled playboy who hasn't done anything with his own life and is just living off his father's riches.

Then meet Benjamin Chudnofsky (Trust me, you're not the only one who can't pronounce his name), who is a crime boss in Los Angles. After being called "unscary" by a certain guest star, he sets out to prove he can truly be feared.
Soon we find out Reid's father has been reportedly killed by a bee sting, leaving Britt in charge of the company. After being furious and firing everyone who worked in his mansion, one morning he's coffee is made improperly. He seeks out to re-hire the original maker of his coffee who turns out to be a man named Kato, who also makes Britt's father's cars.
After a long conversation, Britt comes across the idea that him and Kato should fight crime. He then decides that the way they will restore justice is by posing as the bad guys to get them to spill their secrets. They then team up to stop the criminals in Los Angles, with some help from some friends such as Lenore (Britt's female secretary).
The movie definitely had it's funny parts, and both Rogen and Jay Chou (Kato) deliver pretty great performances. But unfortunatley (As usual) Cameron Diaz comes off as very plastic in the movie, but not nearly as much as she did in last years Knight andd Day. The script was great and the story was as well, although it had some very unnecessary points. The score was pretty good, but not very memorable.

Christoph Waltz delivers a solid performance as Chudnofsky, but his character can get annoying and doesn't get as much screen time as expected. It's definitely a fun experience at the movies, but really isn't worth the 3D.

The language in the movie can be very inappropriate for kids, which sometimes made me even question the movie's PG-13 rating. I lost count of how many times they said sh*t in the first half of the movie, but later on the language becomes much more mild. The profanity gets to bit alittle too much throughout, and feels unnecessary at times.

The action scenes are one of my favorite parts showing something called Kato vision which pretty much slows down the fight scenes and makes them much clearer. The final fight scene drags on for quite a while though, and can also get annoying and hard to follow.
Cameron Diaz's performance was alright, but thanks to Rogen's comedic lines, he pretty much steals the show along with Chou.

Really, if there's any movie to start the 2011 film season with, it's the Green Hornet which truly is a fun ride and a very enjoyable movie. I highly recommend The Green Hornet to movie goers out there.

I give The Green Hornet 4 of 5 stars: