Review: NBC's The Cape Series Premiere

NBC has been in need of a superhero show to fill the gap left by Heroes for awhile now. Many thought there was no hope for NBC's superhero genre, but that's until Tom Wheeler introduced us to Vince Faraday; The Cape.

The Cape follows father and police officer Vince Faraday, whose become very close to his son and his superhero idol The Cape.

Later on, the Chief of Police is killed by a masked villain named Chess. Now that the Chief is dead, Vince must work with a company called Ark that is now in charge of the police district in Palm City.

Vince soon discovers the truth behind Ark, and eventually meets Chess who reveals himself to be Peter Flemming, the CEO of Ark. Chess removes his mask and forces it onto Vince's face setting him out alone.
After officers see Vince wearing the Chess mask running away, they chase him until a trailer explodes, causing everyone to believe Chess (And Vince Faraday) are dead.

Both Vince's wife and son are devastated, not only because the believe Vince is dead, but because the believe he really was Chess.
In reality though, Vince is still alive having fallen into the sewers at the time of the explosion. A group of Circus actors find Vince unconscious and bring him with them to the Circus.

Vince is threatened by the leader of the Circus members, Max Malini to help them steal from Ark. he gives them a pass key and they rob all of the money from Ark, forming a mild friendship with Vince.
After stumbling across an old magician cape that belonged to Max, Vince is trained and convinced to become his sons favorite superhero; The Cape.

The Cape has a brilliant rogues gallery, set up for Vince to fight. Unfortunately some rogues like Caine, are much more brilliant then other rogues such as Scales.

The show starts out slow, but quickly speeds up after Vince's first confrontation with Chess. From there on, especially the second half of the premiere, is very exciting and captivating.

A smart addition to the show was Vince's sort of side kick, Orwell. She's smart and witty, and performs many amazing fight scenes.
The show has a very great opening theme song and montage that comic book fans will love. The rest of the show is scored near perfectly, but can get a bit repetitive.

Fight scenes are decent at the begging, but as the show progresses they become much more thrilling and epic. The way Vince uses his Cape in combat perfectly suits the character (And the budget the show has).
David Lyons did a terrific job acting his part, giving a brave yet emotional performance. The rest of the cast is pretty decent, but Lyon and Keith Davids (Max) stand out the most from the rest.

The show will definitely remind you of Batman, but it's plot is completely different.  The shows premiere leaves you on a cliff hanger, but you can't help but "wonder what else is left to do?"
The Cape delivers a thrilling show that will definitely keep you hanging on for the next episode. But the question is whether the show can keep viewers interested and thrilled enough to follow the show until it's end.
 I give The Cape 4 out of 5 stars

What did you think of the Cape premiere?