Could Robin Be In The Dark Knight Rises?

Many Dark Knight fans may already know that director Christopher Nolan has stated numerous times in the past that he doesn't want Robin in his own Batman film universe. Well now sources are claiming that Robin will be included in the upcoming film, as well as a possible actor who could be playing the role.

Assuming that this version of Robin is the original Dick Grayson, it seems a not so surprising actor might be filling the boots of the boy wonder. Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt (3rd Rock From The Sun, 500 Days of Summer), who worked with Nolan in Inception, was rumored this week to have a role in TDKR, and Dick Grayson fits the bill.
Now the problem is Levitt is already over twenty years old, and when Batman first takes in Robin in the comics he's not a day over thirteen. But there's is still the possibility that Levitt is playing the older version of Dick, Nightwing. For those who don't know, after years of being Batman's sidekick, Grayson grows up and eventually decides to go solo and become Nightwing.
Now I personally think it takes more then one movie to establish Robin as a core character, and I think skipping ahead to Nightwing just won't work out well. Now according to WILX:

“They looked at the Ledges as well as a water treatment plant located inside the park. Sources say the area is being considered as a hideout for Batman sidekick Robin.”

Now this really isn't an OFFICIAL confirmation, but Nolan has said some lies in the past to trick fans, and not including Robin might be one of them. Now in the more current comics, the original Batman (Bruce Wayne) has died, and Grayson has had to take his place. We also know that Bane is in the movie, and in the comics he's the first villain to "Break the Bat". See the connection?

Now I personally wouldn't mind seeing Robin, but if he is included we would need Nolan to produce atleast two more Batman movies. I also believe Robin just doesn't fit well in Nolan's "Realistic" Batman universe.

So What Do You Think Of Robin Being Included In The Dark Knight Rises? Is Levitt The Right Man For The Role?