Fan-Cast: If Star Wars Was Remade?

Believe me, I am completely against a Star Wars reboot/remake, but I'm just considering my choices for the characters if it were to happen. Here are my choices for all of the Star Wars films main characters.
Young Anakin Skywalker-Nathan Gamble
He's a fantastic young actor, and can be very emotional and realistic, which are two traits that Jake Lloyd didn't have in Phantom Menace. He was great in The Dark Knight, The Mist, and Marley and Me, and I'd imagine him have darker hair in the role, similar to it's color in the upcoming film Dolphin Tale.

Young Obi Wan Kenobi-James McAvoy
McAvoy amazed me in X-Men First Class, and he was great as the mentor who is just trying to cooperate with the world he's living in. And can't see anyone else making the character of Obi Wan as memorable as Jame McAvoy would.

 Anakin Skywalker-Andrew Garfield
He's a phenomenal actor, and in case you have your doubts see The Imaginurium Of Doctor Parnassus and The Social Network. He proved that he can play a character that seeks revenge and has a hatred for his original master.

Han Solo-Ryan Reynolds
Reynolds reminds a lot of Harrison Ford in his acting style, and is great at playing the cocky ladies man. To me he's the obvious choice for the role, and can bring some great modern humor to the film.

Luke Skywalker-Michael Angarano
Personally I find Angarano to be a great, yet underrated actor who was actually my top choice for The Amazing Spider-Man. I think he would nail the part, as well as baring a slight resemblance to both Luke and my Leia choice. 

Princess Leia-Ellen Page
I really like the idea of Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Leia, but it's just to over used. So I decided on Page. She's a great actress, and has worked opposite one of my Luke choices in Juno.

Older Obi Wan Kenobi-Michael Gambon
His character of Dumbledore in Harry Potter is very similar to Obi. He is a teacher who trains children still learning of their world and powers, just like how Obi teaches Luke.

Lando Calrissian-Terence Howard
He was great in Iron Man as Rhodey, and playing the best friend of a cocky character will be nothing new to Howard.

Mace Windu-Lance Reddick
He's great on Fringe, and looks a bit like Samuel L. Jackson to me. I think he can definetly pull of the very professional and political side of Windu, as well as the fight scenes.

Boba Fett-Jeremy Renner
He did great opposite Hamm in The Town, so he would be perfect as the assassin hired to kill Hamm's Han Solo. He has proven he can play a real aggressive criminal, so I think he can pull it of.

Queen Padme Amidala-Olivia Wilde
She did an excellent job as Quorra in Tron Legacy, and is familiar with Sci-Fi films. She would be a great love interest for Garfield in the later films.

Qui-Gon Jinn-Jim Caviezel
I honestly couldn't think of anyone for the role. I finally decided on Caviezel. I really liked his portrayal of Jesus in Passion of the Christ, and I think he can bring that same talent to the role of Qui-Gon. It would be hard to replace the brilliant Liam Neeson though.

Yoda-Toby Jones
He did the voice of Dobby in the Harry Potter films and Dobby is very similar to Yoda. If he can play Dobby, he can play Yoda, end of story.

C-3PO-Michael Sheen
He has that sort of robotic British voice to him, and can bring some of his witty humor to the role. So why not?

Darth Vader-Peter Cullen
He's done the voice of Optimus Prime from Transformers for years, and he can use that same powerful robotic voice for Vader. He would just have to make his voice a bit deeper.

Count Dooku-Jeremy Irons
Irons is the only person I can ever see replacing Christopher Lee as Count Dooku, and he's one of the best villainous actors around. He resembles Dooku, and can also manage the same intimidating voice that Lee had. He's perfect for the part.

Emperor Palpatine-Terence Stamp
If you've seen Superman 2 you know that Stamp can play an evil galactic ruler. After seeing him as Zod, I'm sold that he would make for a perfect Palpatine.