First OFFICIAL Captain America TV Spot Premieres (Updated)

Here we get the first real footage of Chris Evans as the First Avenger. Sorry for the bad picture, but better see a little the nothing.
 Here it is:

Now we can clearly see the 'pre-soldier serum' version of Steve Rogers, which I'm pretty impressed by. It's basically Chris Evans with a skinny weak buddy. And in case you missed, here's a still of Hugo Weaving as Red Skull in the trailer.Captain America Red Skull
It's seems he's peeling something off, which might be his fake human face that he uses to hide his red skull. This might mean Weaving might not have his red skull through out most of the movie, and instead have his regular face. Maybe that will help attract more audiences not having something to scary for children, and not having something to goofy for adults.

Well there you have it. What do you think?