Paramount Announces Jon M. Chu As G.I. Joe 2 Director

With Michael Bay's sequel to the first Transformers film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen being panned by numerous critics, many would've assumed that Paramount and Hasbro might've replaced Bay for Transformers 3. Well it seems they'll be giving Bay a second chance to redeem himself, but they haven't been so forgiving with Stephen Sommers for his adaption of the G.I. Joe toyline G.I. Rise of the Cobra. Now Paramount has found a replacement director to hopefully pilot the series into a new direction, and it's none other than young director Jon M. Chu.

Chu has ultimately been chosen to direct G.I. Joe 2, the runner ups for the gig were F. Gary Gray and Jaume Collet-Serra. Jaume is not a well known director but he has done several movies which include Unknown, OrphanGoal II: Living the Dream, and House of Wax. Jaume also is currently working on  The River which is a TV movie in pre-production. Now Gray's most recent films include Law Abiding Citizen, Be Cool, and The Italian Job.
Jon M. Chu's latest directional credits include Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Step Up 3D, Step Up 2: The Streets, and When the Kids Are Away. Not exactly the first direct that comes to mind when thinking of a big action film such as G.I. Joe, especially when comparing his resume to that of both Serra and Gray who both have numerous action films under their belt. None the less, it would seem that Paramount felt strongly about Chu if the where willing to put his resume aside in order to chose him over the other two candidates (Or maybe the other two just said no). When can only hope that Chu breaths new life into the franchise after the pretty embarrassing first film, and gives us a more serious military take on the Joes.
So how do you feel about Jon M. Chu directing G.I. Joe 2? Would you have prefered F. Gary Gray or Faume Collet-Serra in the director's chair?