Review: I Am Number Four Takes You For The Alien Adventure We've Been Waiting For

I Am Number Four combines all the elements that make for a great Sci-Fi movie. It's no wonder Alex Pettyfer is a rising star in Hollywood, because his performance was fantastic. With so many new stars, action, and an interesting story, there's not to many reasons not to like it. But I didn't say there was NONE.
I Am Number Four follows the story of John Smith (Pettyfer), who is the fourth of nine gifted survivors of his planet. The first three of the nine have been killed, and now John and his guardian, Henri (Timothy Olyphant) have to be on the move so John won't be discovered or killed.
After an incident occurs, John and Henri have to move to Paradise Ohio. There, he attends high school and meets Sara Hart (Dianna Agron), a girl and develops feelings for her.
But soon he confronts Mark James (Jake Abel), the school's star quarterback and bully. Turns out he was once involved with Sara and doesn't approve of them being friends. Now Smith has to fight off the Mogadorians who want to kill him, Mark who wants to beat him up till he bleeds, and worry about his love Sara, all with the help of his new nerdy friend Sam (Callan McAuliffe), and Number Six (Teresa Palmer).
The movie can really get cliché, especially Jake Able's character, a quarterback/bully whose got his own crew and is in love with the same girl as John. See what I mean?
I really liked Agron's character, but in the entire ending she pretty much shuts up, for Teresa Palmer's character to do all the talking. I can now see why she'd make such a good Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot.
Probably the most disappointing part of the movie was the villains, the Mogadorians. They were basically seven foot tall crosses between Voldermort from Harry Potter and sharks. They were weird and unoriginal, and actually the one thing that really gave the movie a PG-13 rating (Other than the language).
Pettyfer and Olyphant were the best actors in the movie, and gave solid performances and gave they're characters personality and fit the roles perfectly. I kind of felt Pettyfer's character to be a bit flat, and does show too much emotion himself, yet you really do get emotionally attached to them, mostly in the end.
I Am Number Four is a great movie to see this long weekend, and while it might have it's flaws, I can't wait for the sequels to come.

I give I Am Number Four 3.5 out of 5 stars:
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