Arnold Schwarzenegger Kept His Word And Is Back In New Cartoon The Governator

Okay so it may be the day before April Fools day, but I assure you that as far as we know this isn't a joke. It seems that comic book legend Stan Lee and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger have teamed up to create a new comic series to be accompanied by a new cartoon known as The Governator, showcasing Arnold's double life as the Governor of California and a part time superhero. Now you can see why we're seriously considering this a joke.

All New Captain America The First Avenger Set Images

I have gathered the latest Captain America set images ,unfortunatley they're not in HD or anything but check them out below. 

Review: Can Zack Snyder Make A Great Movie Without Comic Book Source Material With Sucker Punch?

Reviewers have either bashed Sucker Punch or completely loved it, but my review falls right in between.
 I personally was enjoying Sucker Punch (for the most part) until the fight scenes were introduced. Hear what was wrong with them and more below. Should we be worried Zack Snyder has Superman in his hands, or over joyed?

Update: The Latest Posters Of The Gods From Thor

I have gathered all the latest poster of the new film Thor. What is unique is that each of the main gods have their own posters. Take a look below.

The All New Trailer For Paul W.S. Anderson's Three Musketeers Hits The Web

In case you didn't already know, there's yet again a Three Musketeers movie in the works. But what makes the film different than it's previous adaptions? Well probably it's interesting cast including Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz, Ray Stevensen, and more.

Cars 2 Characters: Uncovered

Cars 2 being showcased by me. I have gathered all of the latest character turntable and I will explain all of the characters.

The Captain America The First Avenger Official Full Length Trailer Revealed!

After weeks and months of waiting since that little teaser we got during the Super Bowl, the First Avenger trailer has hit. And let me tell, if you're a Cap fan (Or even if you're not) you will not be disappointed.

Review: Is The Adjustment Bureau The Next Inception, Or Just Another Cliche Sci-Fi?

First of all, this is not Inception. Whether you take that as a good thing or bad, it's true. But that definitely doesn't mean it's a bad film, in fact The Adjustment Bureau digs deep into the subject of destiny just like Inception digs deep into dreams. But does it dig deep enough?

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Officially Rolls Into Production, With Martin Freeman Leading

The Hobbit officially has gone into production, and the official synopsis has been released. As many of you Lord of the Rings fans know by now, most of the original cast is returning for the long awaited prequel, and Peter Jackson will return also be returning as director (After almost being being replaced by Guillermo del Toro) . Now with Martin Freeman in the title role, The Hobbit has become.

Joseph Gordon Levitt's Role In The Dark Knight Rises Revealed

After much speculation about what role actor Joseph Gordon Levitt would be playing in the third instalment to Christopher Nolan's Batman series, his part has finally been announced.

Review: Does Johnny Depp Give Nickelodeon Their Best Film Yet In Rango?

Can Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski and outstanding actor Johnny Depp save Nickelodeon movies? But even if Rango was Nickelodeon's best film, can it compare to Dreamworks and Pixar films?

Black Swan Director Darren Arnofosky No Longer Directing The Wolverine

With Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class hitting theater later this year, many X-Men fans are hoping from a big revival for the X-Men series after two disappointments in a row with both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Well it looks like there's some bad news for X-Men fans looking forward to the franchise's latest installment, as Oscar winning director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), who was originally planned to direct the X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel The Wolverine, has dropped out due to the films Japan location and being to separated from is family. But is that the only reason why he left?

Cars 2: Posters and Details

Finally More Cars 2 description and Posters. I have gathered all the news on and about cars two, so why don't we get started?

The Smurfiest News Update

There is a new Smurfs movie trailer online and it is more Smurfy than ever. Also news update on The Smurfs Movie.

Yet Another Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Poster

There are two new amazing old school Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides posters. Theses are the two latest poster on this movie.

J.J. Abrams Easter Egg in Super 8's Lost Footage

J.J. Abrams easter egg is finally revealed for Super 8. There is a new secret in Super 8, it is a hidden URL in the movie trailer. 

First 5 Minutes Of Duncan Jone's Source Code Hit The Web

Duncan Jones, who's best known for his critically praised 2009 film Moon, is at it again with his all new film Source Code. The film stars Tobey Maguire look alike; Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michelle Monaghan. Below is the leaked footage of the film's first five minutes.

The Latest On NBC's TV Show Wonder Woman

I wonder when the new Wonder Woman TV show will start filming, when will it come out, and the script.

Conan The Barbarian Teaser Trailer and Poster Make Their Way To The Web

Arnold Schwartzenegger's claim to fame Conan The Barbarian (Not to be confused with Dave The Barbarian kids TV show) is hitting the big screen for a second round. Conan now has a new motion picture and now there's a new teaser trailer and poster for it below.

The Latest On Steven Spielberg And JJ Abrams Super 8

JJ Abrams, who is best known for directing the 2009 Star Trek film, and Steven Spielberg (Do I really have to explain) are now working on their new film about....well....that's the mystery. Well, at least it was until the trailer, poster, and synopsis were all released. Take a look below

New "Flynn Lives" Tron Video Shows Us What's In Store For Tron 3

An all new video has been leaked online called Flynn Lives, which shows Sam Flynn and the future of his father's company Encom following the events of Tron: Legacy. Could this be the set up for Tron 3?

Fan-Cast: The Flash, Guest Post By MrMurdock

Guest post by MrMurdock. If you want to write a guest post too see the requirements here. Known as the "Scarlet Speedster", the mantle of The Flash has been donned by 4 different heroes over the years. all of which have lived up to the name of "The Fastest Man Alive." Currently Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen have all served as The Flash.  Here's my take on who'd be good a translate these brilliant characters onto the big screen.

Old Nickelodeon 90s Shows To Return On TeenNick In "The 90's Are All That

Are you a fan of Nickelodeon's old shows? Well have no fear because TeenNick has the answer to your prayers with the new The ’90s Are All That  block. Below are the list of shows that will be returning

Fan-Cast: Casting A Batman Reboot, Guest Post By Axel

Below is our guest posted fan-cast from Axel. Here are his choices and idea for a reboot of Christopher Nolan's current sucessful franchise.

Two New Thor Posters And New Trailer Show The God of Thunder In Action

Marvel has released two new Thor posters released this weekend, as well as an all new trailer that goes more in deph into the film's mood.

Percy Jackson And The Sea of Monsters Movie On It's Way

While most fans will tell you the first Percy Jackson film wasn't exactly true to it's source material (See our review here),  Fox and actors Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson are still having another go at the character with their incarnation of the second book; The Sea of Monsters. While the first film might have stretched far from the source material, that didn't stop it from making big numbers at the box office, and already launching a career for some of it's leading actors. Now we'll see just how they make up for the changes they've made from the book, and who will be casted in the new roles in the film.

All New Prime in Transformers Revealed, And New Details on The Film (Updated)

There is some official news that there is a new prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon, as well as all new details on the movie. Wanna find out who it is and what they are? Then continue reading.