All New Prime in Transformers Revealed, And New Details on The Film (Updated)

There is some official news that there is a new prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon, as well as all new details on the movie. Wanna find out who it is and what they are? Then continue reading.

 The new Prime transformer is Sentinel Prime. Below is the Sentinel in toy and Empire magazine is where this has first been released. 

Sentinel Prime is to the Left.

Here is where Sentinel Prime was shown in the teaser trailer.

This is the teaser trailer.

I don't know how it will be with a new prime in the picture lets just hope it's a good decision.
And here are the latest rumors and details on the film:

No “dorky” humor (Bay: “We wanted to make the movie much more serious, more adult”).

When robots die, they’re really going to die and those deaths will be shown.

They’re not bringing people back [from the dead we assume].

The robots have been given more ‘weight’ in the story (Strong backstory and pathos).

Sentinel Prime is “A big brother and mentor to Optimus Prime.”

The Ferrari (Pictured HERE) is a ‘Decepticon who (Michael) Bay is ‘Dreadbox.’

New companions for Starscream, Shockwave and the rest will be included (Laser Beak).

“The scale on one of them is jaw-dropping” – “It will be ‘what the Hell was that thing?”

Apollo 11 ‘incident’ show in the teaser is government secret.

No army for this, Chicago is left up to the Autobots but some heroes sneak in through the back-door so to speak

The human gliders are used because they slip under the Decepticon radar – as do humans – so they’ll be the people who can hammer it to the Decepticons and create an opening for the Autobots.

Sounds like they're taking away basically everything we loved from the first film, and are trying to patch up the mistakes they made back in Revenge of the Fallen. We can only hope Bay and the new cast knows what they're doing.

What Do You Think Of The New Prime In the Movie?