J.J. Abrams Easter Egg in Super 8's Lost Footage

J.J. Abrams easter egg is finally revealed for Super 8. There is a new secret in Super 8, it is a hidden URL in the movie trailer. 

The URL is show right at 2:06 in the camera lens. This hidden URL is s8editingroom.com which takes you to http://www.super8-movie.com/editingroom.html. When you get there you are got to see one film strip and and arrow on the side. If you click the arrow you will see two film strips. If you would like to see the click on Open/Close switch the click on the projector knob. 

Then you should see a count down and then...    

To find out more go check it out your self.

To find out more about Super 8 the movie Click Here. 

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