Review: Can Zack Snyder Make A Great Movie Without Comic Book Source Material With Sucker Punch?

Reviewers have either bashed Sucker Punch or completely loved it, but my review falls right in between.
 I personally was enjoying Sucker Punch (for the most part) until the fight scenes were introduced. Hear what was wrong with them and more below. Should we be worried Zack Snyder has Superman in his hands, or over joyed?
The movie follows Babydoll (Emily Browning) who is a quite tweny year old girl being abused by her step father on the 1960s. After her stepfather kills her mother and sister, she is full of rage and pulls a gun to his head. Not having the guts to do it, her stepfather sends her to a mental institute known as the Lennox House.
There many juvenile delinquents (Unlike herself) are forced to dance for the rest of the asylums male workers. But little do they know that whenever Babydoll dances she escapes into a magical realm of her own. After the High Roller (Jon Hamm) requests to come to see Babydoll dance, she tries to lead the rest of the girls into escaping the house before his arrival.
Everyone will probably tell you the plot is the worst part of the movie, believe them. The plot seems fine at first and harmless really, but then it is revealed to you that there are actually three separate worlds and three separate plots in the movie, and the only one that matters is the second one yet it's not even real.
And this is not an Inception type of "dream with in a dream", because in Inception we actually cared about each world equally and we actually had a reason to care. When the movie first starts out (When you think the second world is real) it'll seem just fine though, so you really realize the plots flaws at the end of the film.

The pointless fight scenes are probably what's most aggravating about the movie. Yes the fight scenes did look great, but there was really no need for them in the first place (Except obviously to make the movie much cooler and exciting). The fight scenes were great, each one offering something new (Zombies, dragons, robots, etc.) but there is really no reason why they took place.
The acting was fine, mainly Abbie Cornish and Jena Malone who played sisters Sweat Pea and Rocket. Oscar Isaac steals the show, who plays a great antagonist as Blue. The films script is extremely weak, especially in the beginning when there's basically just music and slow motion action and no dialogue once so ever. The best part for me though was the setting. But I love the sixties, though so I might be being a bit biased.
The movie may seem harmless and entertaining at first, but when Snyder tries to unravel this strange and confusing plot that makes no sense, you definitely will feel yourself leaving the theater in disappointment. Stick to the comic book adaptions Zack Snyder, and please don't disappoint us with Man of Steel. If you're not the type of person who really cares about plot and is all about the action, this ones for you.

I give Sucker Punch 3 out of 5 stars:
And here is the trailer:

What did you think of Sucker Punch? Are you going to see it?