All New Cowboys And Aliens Trailer Invades The Net

Westerns have been very popular in Hollywood lately with the success of True Grit and Rango, and now Jon Favreau wants to keep that streak going with Cowboys and Aliens.  Below is the all new theatrical trailer for the film (Which is probably the one that was shown at WonderCon) which shows much more of the film, including a glimpse of the aliens.

Here is the all new trailer which was shown early today during American Idol:
The movie seems to be making a big emphasis on Olivia Wilde being naked (Which took up almost half the trailer) yet the special effects look terrific, and while we haven't gotten any full images of the aliens yet, we'll probably get them way before we see the Super 8 monster design. The movies got a pretty strong cast, and while I still am curious of how Robert Downey Jr. would've taken the role (He turned it down and then was replaced with Daniel Craig) , the film still has a very strong supporting cast including Sam Rockwell, Wilde, Harrison Ford, and of course Craig himself. All this movie needs is Jeff Bridges, and their good.
You can catch Cowboys and Aliens on June 29th (Not in 3D, so you won't get ripped off)
What did you think of the new trailer? Are you looking forward to the film?