(Updated) All New X-Men First Class TV Spot, Images, Posters, AND Trailer

Whether you support Fox's X-Men First Class or not,there's no doubting that the movie has much to offer including an interesting (And even some Oscar winning) cast members, and an interesting storyline. Well if you don't believe in First Class yet after seeing the trailer, check out these all new images, posters, and TV spot below. (Update: An all new trailer has also been released a few hours ago)

 Screenrant.com did a brilliant anaylisis of what a possible plot for X-Men First Class might be here (Which I highly reccomend you check out), and if they're correct while the plot might not be true to the original first class of X-Men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Ice Man,etc.) it could be going for a different plot line from the comics 'Lost X-Men' (Which includes the same characters that have been casted) which is actually still brilliant, and I'm sure won't dissappoint if it is true.

That being said, here are tons of new images of the characters from the film, the new posters, and the TV spot:

And here's an all new low resolution, but intriguing TV spot:


And here is the all new international trailer for the films, which shows a lot more dialoge between Xavier and Erik, and much more of famous X-Men member; Banshee:

What do you think of the all new images and screenshots? Are you willing to give First Class a chance?