Hugh Jackman's 'Real Steel' Sequel Already In The Works

It seems DreamWorks has much faith in Hugh Jackman and Shawn Levy's all new cross between Transformers and The Fighter film; Real Steel, because according to Deadline they've already hired a scriptwriter to begin working on a sequel. Does Hugh Jackman now have a new franchise on his hands, now that the X-Men films are coming to a close?

Well it sure looks like it. Real Steel doesn't hit theaters till October 7th, and while it's too early to really make any calls, the film is definitely on my list for this years must sees. Jackman has proven himself outside the of X-Men franchise, in the films Australia, and one of my personal favorite Christopher Nolan films; The Prestige. There's no doubt he's a good actor, but will this film really be more than just robots bashing each others circuits out?

Here's the trailer for you to judge for yourself, it sure looks interesting to me:
I'm really hoping the movie has a solid story to support the action in it, and I hope the rest of the cast does just as well as Jackman, and if the film does turn out to be what I'm expecting then I'd be glad to see a sequel as long as the first film establishes it well.

What do you think of Real Steel? Do you think it's too soon to be writing a sequel?